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How To Finish The Inside Of Your Shed To Make It A Workshop

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    A friend of ours just purchased a new premade shed at a large warehouse store and they are thinking of using it as a woodworking work area. Yes I asked the same question if you are able to do woodworking why didn’t you build the shed yourself. I never got an answer to that.

    They are now considering putting in a Air Conditioner and doing some woodworking in the shed. You know how it works …

    How To Harvest Your Home Parts Inventory from Stuff You Throw Away

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      Over the years I have found that some of the best parts I have used on my projects have come from things that I may have thrown away. It really doesn’t take that much time and the idea behind this is that when something breaks in your home there are probably a lot of parts on it that you can save and put into your parts inventory.

      Something as simple as screws that hold a radio …

      How To Learn to Can Fruit Vegetables and Food

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        In this How To Guide we are going to cover the beginning steps of understanding Canning. The process is not extremely difficult but you need to be careful to follow the canning procedures and a specific recipe that has been tested for canning.

        The first thing you are probably saying is I don’t want to follow someone else’s recipe but the thing is canning recipes are specifically designed so that when the food is processed …

        How To Renew Your Fabrics With Fabric Dye

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          If you are like most people there are items in your home that are in decent physical condition but seem to have faded over time. This happens to our clothing but also to drapery, throw rugs, bath towels and a variety of other items that can be somewhat expensive to replace just because they look faded.

          The best results will be with 100% cotton fabrics and the next would be a polyester blend with cotton. …

          How To Select The Right Materials For Building Furniture

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            If you have decided to build a piece of furniture you might find it hard to find the right materials at a price you can afford. This means you will either need to search in unconventional places or be prepared to spend much more than you might for a premade piece.

            Today the cost and availability of hardwood is not what it use to be. In your average home store you …

            How To Repair a Broken Plastic Bust or Figurine

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              A guy wrights that they are in need of some help repairing a Plastic Comic Book Figurine that got broken. Actually it was shattered pretty bad. The material used is a type of composite plastic that is used for casting and although it is hard it is also brittle. He wanted to go all out and see how well he could repair it just to have in his home.

              The first thing you have to …