How To Buy A Used Car From A Car Rental Company

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    A friend asks about purchasing a new vehicle that they saw listed with one of the national car rental chains and is wondering why the price is so low in relation to other dealers and private sales. So, this is something that almost everyone goes through. You might get a notice from your bank or another organization that you deal with that your local car rental company is offering some used cars that you should …

    How To Deal With Floor Joists That Need To Be Cut Or Moved For Plumbing

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      One of our friends asks about a bathroom remodel they are doing and while replacing their toilet the installation of the new waste line means they need to cut into a joist more than they should. When doing this you will be weakening the structure around an important area that needs to carry some weight. He wants to know what the best way to handle this is.

      Its always disappointing when you run into this type …

      How To Repair A Heaving Foundation Wall With Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Strips

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        From time to time we get questions about how to repair a foundation wall that is failing. Sometimes the wall is cracking because of settling and other times it is collapsing in on the basement because of water pressure in the dirt that surrounds the foundation. Unfortunately in some areas with clay soil where moisture is a very big problem you will find that a concrete block wall will fail and sometimes a poured foundation …

        How To Pick Between Gloss, Eggshell And Matte Surfaces For Durability

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          One of our friends asks about the durability of paint and surface coatings and what topcoat is best for durability. This is a situation that most of us go through when we are considering repainting our homes. Whether we are doing a full repaint or just working on accent pieces we want a surface that looks good and will last a long time.

          The basic rule of thumb for any paint or coating is that glossy …

          How To Match All Your Door Locks To One Key

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            A Friend asks how can he match all the locks to his exterior doors to one key. He has a situation where he needs to replace the lockset on his back door and wants to do the upgrade now while he is working on the door.

            The easiest way to have all of your locks and deadbolts match a single key is when you are purchasing them. Manufactures understand that home owners want a single key …

            How To Building Stairs And Installing Handrails To Code Standards

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              A friend is asking about a rental property he just purchased from a VA Auction and is intending to rent out for a few years until he retires and moves to this location when he is older.

              Right now he is using it as a vacation home and is in the process of preparing it for rental. When he moved in the home was inspected and found compliant with Veterans Administration Standards but he is having …

              How To Mix Android TV And Antenna Stations

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                There are a lot of people that are cutting the cord to save money on their cable television bill and manufacturers are starting to take notice in an important way.

                Previously if you wanted to watch Antenna TV and also make use of the Internet for shows you can’t get or specialty networks like HBO you had to use separate inputs on your television and you had to go through a number of menus just to …

                How To Control Your Heating and Cooling Bill With A Range Limited Tamper Proof Thermostat

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                  Do you have kids or family that lives with you? Maybe you are sharing a home and the heating bills are too high. Maybe you are renting a home for income and you need to place limits on how hot and cold your guests can make it while you’re away.

                  Whatever the reason simply telling people to not adjust the thermostat settings is never enough.

                  A friend of ours asks about this problem because he has a …

                  How To Unlock Your Phone And Change Providers

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                    If you are looking at new phone plans you might be thinking about staying with your current provider because your phone was purchased from them when you started your service.

                    This is a problem for a number of people because not only might you be missing out on better plans but you might move to a location where service isn’t available from your original provider.

                    If you move to an area were cell services is no longer …

                    How To Remove Moss Buildup On Your Roof

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                      In areas with moderate humidity you are likely to find that the north side of your home or maybe more areas have moss or mold buildup. Not only can this be a visual problem but over time the buildup will cause breakdown of your shingles and it could lead to some serious damage.

                      The best way to take care of this problem is to do general maintenance on your home yearly. You don’t want this problem …

                      How To Deal With A Very Slow Contractor

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                        Ok so a friend just asked us how they can improve the contract time for some flood repair they are having done due to a burst water pipe. Their home is a single story house that is on a concrete slab. The plumbers are going to do the repair to the burst pipe under the slab and that should be completed in the next three days. After that they have to replace a large amount …

                        How To Get A Free Home Energy Audit

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                          During the extreme months of the year our energy bills really make us think about what improvements we could make to reduce our utility costs and improve the comfort of our home. Unfortunately the middle of winter or hottest days of the summer really aren’t the best time to perform the work but we will go over a few things that might help until temperatures are better.

                          The first thing you want to do is compare …