Soil Testing Service – Businesses

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    Farmers Gardeners and other Developers often need Soil Testing Services performed.

    Most State Colleges with Agricultural Programs will test soil for free or at discounted rates to teach and offset the cost of their programs. You should contact your State Department of Agriculture and local College for additional information.

    This Directory is not an endorsement of the businesses or the quality of work they perform and should only be used as a starting point for your research.

    BBC Laboratories, Inc.
    1217 North Stadem Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281, 480-967-5931, 480 967-5036 Fax Contact: Vicki Bess analysis of soils, composts, compost teas, and biological products. Assays performed: 1) The Functional Group Enumeration Test classifies organisms into six categories: aerobic heterotrophs; facultative anaerobes; yeasts & molds; actinomycetes; pseudomonads; and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. 2) The Diversity Analysis Test looks at how many different kinds of organisms exist within each functional group.

    Soil Control Lab, Inc.
    42 Hangar Way Watsonville, CA 95076, 831-724-5422, 831-724-3188 Fax Contact: Frank Shields frank@compostlab.comSpecialists in compost analysis: compost feedstocks, compost recipes, compost quality tests, agricultural uses, and toxicity and contaminants analysis.

    Soil and Plant Lab.
    352 Mathew Street Santa Clara, CA 95050-0153, 408-727-0330, 408-727-5125 Fax www.soilandplantlaboratory.comCompost analysis: particle size, available nutrients, organic content, estimated C/N ratio, bulk density, pH, salinity, sodium, moisture content, bioassay growth trials with radish and rye grass. Four locations in California, Washington, and Oregon.

    Wallace Laboratories.
    365 Coral Circle El Segundo, CA 90245, 310-615-0116, 310-640-6863 Fax Contact: Garn Wallace Compost analysis: chemical and physical parameters, macro and micro nutrients, bulk density, C/N, salinity, etc. Noteworthy publications from Wallace Laboratories include: Soil Conditioner and Amendment Technologies

    Timberleaf Soil Testing.
    39648 Old Spring Road Murrieta, CA 92563. 951-677-7510 Contact: Bob Russo, www.timberleafsoiltesting.comThe Timberleaf soil test was developed especially for market gardeners who practice the biointensive approach made popular by John Jeavons, author of How to Grow More Vegetables. The Basic Soil Test includes base saturation/CEC, estimated nitrogen release, available nutrients, pH, and soluble salts. Optional tests exist for organic matter, trace minerals, and composts/greenhouse media. Timberleaf’s detailed soil test report also contains explanations and recommendations for organic fertilization.

    Agri-Energy Resources.

    21417 1950E St., Princeton, IL 61356, 815-872-1190, 815-872-1928, Fax www.agrienergy.netComplete soil test, Base saturation/CEC, LaMotte extract method. Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Albrecht, Reams, and the late founder of Agri-Energy Resources, Dave Larson. Interpreting Your Soil Test is a 4-page leaflet explaining the Agri-Energy Resources soil analysis report.

    Woods End Research Laboratory.

    P.O. Box 297 Mt. Vernon, ME 04352, 207-293-2457, 207-293-2488 Fax Contact: Dr. William Brinton www.woodsend.orgProvides a series of soil quality and compost tests, including the Solvita(r) Compost Maturity and Solvita(r) Soil Life test kits. The four components of their soil test are: Standard Soil Nutrient Audit; Biological and Textural Tests; Skilled Fertilizer Assessment; and Optional Nutrient Budgeting. Publishes noteworthy manuals on compost, soil organic matter, and green manures; some items are available on their website and others are for sale. A Basic Guide for Interpreting Soil Tests is a 5-page leaflet (see website) explaining soil anaylsis and interpretation. Awarded as the “Most Meaningful Soil Test” by IFOAM in 1980.

    University of Maine Soil Testing Service.
    5722 Deering Hall Orono, ME 04469-5722. 207-581-2945, 207-581-2934 Fax Base saturation/CEC soil test, organic matter, and nutrient analysis. Compost analysis on request. Organic fertilizer recommendations available on request. Commonly used by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners (MOFGA). Publications on website: Soil Testing Handbook for Professionals in Agriculture and Commercial Organic Nutrient Recommendations.

    University of Massachusetts Soil Testing Lab.

    West Experiment Station, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA 01003-8021, 413-545-2311 Compost analysis: moisture content, bulk density, pH, soluble salts, available plant nutrients, extractable heavy metals, total nitrogen, organic matter, C:N ratio.

    2724 Lamotte Street, Marlette, MI 48453. 989-635-2864, 989-635-3888 Contact: Joe Scrimger bio-systems@centurytel.netSoil tests include base saturation/CEC as well as the LaMotte extract method. Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Albrecht, Reams, and Joe Scrimger.

    Crop Services International Inc.
    1718 Madison S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49507-2518. 616-246-7933, 616-246-6039 Fax Contact: Dr. Phil Wheeler www.cropservicesintl.comSoil tests include LaMotte, CEC, Humus, paramagnetism, and scanner (radionics). Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Albrecht, Reams, Callahan, and Phil Wheeler.

    Ag Resource Consulting, Inc.
    P.O. Box 667 / 131 5th Street Albany, MN 56307, 320-845-6321, 320-845-6320 Fax Contact: Glen Borgerding Base saturation/CEC soil test, organic matter, nutrient analysis, organic fertilizer recommendations, manure testing, and nutrient management plans.

    International Ag Labs, Inc.
    P.O. Box 788 Fairmont, MN 56031. 507-235-6909, 507-235-9155 Fax Contact: Dr. Dan Skow, Wendell Owens www.aglabs.comSoil tests include the LaMotte extract for nutrient analysis, humus, and formazon dehydrogenase (biological activity). Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Reams and Dan Skow. Soil Testing for Biological Agriculture is an 18-page booklet on their soil test report and fertilizer recommendation guidelines.

    Kinsey’s Agricultural Services.
    297 County Highway 357 Charleston, MO 63834. 573-683-3880, 573-683-6227 Fax Contact: Neal Kinsey Base saturation/CEC soil test, organic matter, and nutrient analysis. Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Albrecht and Neal Kinsey.

    Midwest Laboratories.
    1361 B. Street Omaha, NE 68144. 402-334-7770, 402-334-9121 Soil test provides nutrient analysis, percent organic matter, and base saturation/CEC numbers, but fertilizer guidelines are standard pounds of nutrients required per acre.

    Brookside Analytical Laboratories.
    308 South Main Street New Knoxville, OH 45871. 419-753-2448, 419-753-2949 Fax Contact: Mark Flock www.blinc.comBase saturation/CEC soil test, organic matter, and nutrient analysis. Conducts soil tests on behalf of its network of crop advisors and agronomists who work directly with farmers, perform soil tests, and design soil management programs. Soil test reports follow the style developed by Dr. William Albrecht.

    Terra Labs, Inc.
    6073 State Route 219 Celina, OH 45822. 419-268-2294 Contact: Keldon Colvin terralab@bright.netBase saturation/CEC soil test, organic matter, and nutrient analysis advocated by Dr. Rudy Ozolins. Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Albrecht and Ozolins.

    Organic Food Matters.
    741 S. Yates Road Memphis, TN 38120-2820. 901-684-1046, 901-684-1949 Fax Contact: Jeptha Gates Soil tests based on the Lamotte method. Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Reams, Andersen, and Jeptha Gates.

    Texas Plant & Soil Lab, Inc.
    5115 W. Monte Cristo Edinburg, TX 78539. 956-383-0739, 956-383-0730 Fax Contact: Esper K. Chandler www.txplant-soillab.comTPSL uses carbon dioxide as part of its natural soil test method to extract soil nutrients; it mimics natural conditions in soils to determine what would be available to plant roots. Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Albrecht and Esper K. Chandler. Commonly used by Texas organic growers.

    Utah State University.

    Director, USUAL/Soil Testing Lab. 4830 Old Main Hill AGS 168, Logan Utah 84322-4830 435-797-2217.

    K-Ag Laboratories International, Inc.
    2323 Jackson St., Oshkosh, WI 54901. 920-426-0002, 920-426-2664 Fax Contact: Dr. Akhtar Khwaja K-Ag Lab conducts a range of soil tests, provides organic farming recommendations, and works with specialty crops such as blueberries, cranberries, ginseng, vegetables, herbs, and black walnuts.

    Midwestern Bio-Ag.
    10851 Hwy ID, Box 160 Blue Mounds, WI 53517. 800-327-6012, 608-437-4994, 608-437-4441 Fax Contact: Gary Zimmer www.midwesternbioag.comBase saturation/CEC soil test, organic matter, and nutrient analysis.Fertilizer recommendations based on ideas from Albrecht and Gary Zimmer. Publishes a number of informative booklets, books, audio tapes, and videos..

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