Buying Guide – Wall Ovens Choosing The Right Options For Your Kitchen

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    There are many different types of ovens including standard gas and electric models and specialty ovens that act like commercial ovens in your kitchen.

    Here we will look at some of the different types and features that you can choose from when buying a new oven.

    Power Sources

    Depending on the availability you can choose between Gas or Electric for a Wall Oven. Gas can come in propane or natural gas and a easy adjustment will make most models interchangeable .

    Electric Ovens with more feature may require more amps to run. Dedicated circuits are always recommended but the wire that serves that circuit may need to be replaced with a heavier gauge wire

    Similar to Electric Ovens a Gas Oven with more room or a double oven will require more gas. This may require retrofitting the line to your kitchen.

    Differences in Cooking

    Many people that are use to Gas for ranges and ovens will recommend this type over electric but in most cases today the difference is very small.

    The actual heat ranges of gas vs electric are very close the only difference is that gas as it burns will create a small amount of moisture which may result in very slightly different cooking environments.

    As for heating up the best way to reduce the time needed for an electric oven to get to temperature is to place it on Broil High setting. Placing it on Broil High before you prepare your items for cooking will cause the oven to heat up faster then you mix up a cake or pull that frozen pizza out of a box and put some toppings on it. Reset to Bake for cooking.

    Convection Ovens

    The convection oven is a method to speed the cooking of food with moving air. You have probably seen one at your local pizza factory where pizza goes through the oven on a miniature conveigher belt.

    Convection ovens are not magic but they do tend to cook faster and more evenly then standard ovens because the heat is distributed evenly. If you need a convection oven expect to pay more for it.

    If your needs are commercial then convection ovens can cook at a lower temperature while cooking faster then a conventional oven. This will save you money over a long period.

    Differences in Cleaning

    Electric Ovens with Self Clean Modes seem to work well for cleaning. If you are someone that likes to cook foods that sometimes cause spills such as Pies or Lasagna then Self Clean mode will be a life saver. After it runs its cycle you simply clean the residue with paper towels.

    Double Ovens

    There are full and partial height double ovens that can increase your cooking area. If you are constantly cooking large meals a Double Oven will allow you to cook at different temperatures and at different times to allow your meal to complete simultaneously.

    Smaller half / quarter height ovens are very popular for heating Pizzas or individual meals. This will save you money on electricity and can also act as a warming area.


    Ovens come in sizes between 24 inches and 36 inches with a variety in between if you are looking at specialty ovens.

    Installing A Wall Oven

    If you are replacing a wall oven with the same type and size then the process is somewhat heavy and difficult but not impossible for the average home owner.  Making Electrical and Gas connections is the hardest part …. that and lifting the unit into place.

    If you are changing from gas to electric or the other way around you should really think about hiring a professional. Although a professional installer can make a mistake on a bad day …  they perform the work often enough that they most likely won’t.

    Having a professional install a product that can reach almost 1,000 F in self clean mode is really worth the $200 . That and the fact your insurance company will actually pay you if you end up having a problem.

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