How To – Measuring for Window Blinds

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    Window Blinds

    Most new home owners will need a quick and attractive way to cover their windows for privacy.

    One of the least expensive methods is using a do it yourself window blind. In other HowTos we will cover how you install horizontal and vertical window blinds but before you get started you will have to take measurements and select your blinds at the store.

    Most home centers and even some retail stores will stock a standard range of blind sizes. They will also have a variety styles and material types that you can chose from.

    Once you have made your selection of style you will need to chose the right blind for your window.

    There are 2 basic methods of installing blinds.

    If you have room you can choose to install the blind within the window frame


    You can install a blind that covers the entire window.


    If your window will allow both methods and you are planing to install curtains at a later date then you should mount the blinds within the window frame.

    Measuring Window Blinds

    As you can see in the diagram you will need to take measurements on either the inside or outside dimension but for best practices take both measurements and use a drawing so you can better describe your needs to a sales representative.

    Remember include the outside molding if you would like that area covered.

    Since blinds come in standard widths you may need the store to cut a larger size blind to your size.

    If the blind is longer then needed you should keep the extra length so you will have extra slats to use for repairs.

    If you have 2 or more windows ganged together you will have gaps between the blinds because of the mounting points.

    To reduce the gaps you can look for top mounted blinds instead of side mounted.

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