HowTo – HVAC Filters For People With Allergies

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    Forced air HVAC systems are inherently dirty when compared with baseboard heaters because air is circulated throughout the home. Additionally any allergens or viruses will be spread from room to room.

    So what can you do to reduce the health concerns?

    With the proper use of filters you should be able to reduce the particulate matter that can cause normal irritation and with a UV Light filter you should be able to kill bacteria and viruses providing a clean and healthy home.

    There are a variety of different filters that will capture the dust in you return air before it is reheated and sent back into your home.

    Fiberglass Filters – The most basic type is the Fiberglass Particulate filter. This filter is a contractor grade and should not be relied on for extended use. They cost from $1 to $5 and last only about 30 days.

    Corrugated Filters – The next step up from a basic fiberglass filter is a corrugated filter. They have a w shaped filter paper made of a denser material that will catch much more dust and smaller particles. View the difference at the store, much less light will pass through a better brand filter.

    Hypo Allergenic Filters – The next and final step is a filter that will catch very small particulate. Some filter manufacturers state that these filters can eliminate  bacteria and viruses but that is just too much to believe. To filter air at the level required for hospitals is a very difficult thing but you can expect that the highest grade filters will provide some better results for catching dust.

    What About Viruses and Bacteria?

    If you need to remove actual viruses and bacteria you will need to use a UV light filter. This is an extremely bright light that sits in the duct work just past your heater and frys the viruses and bacteria. You can expect to pay about $100 for a UV Light system and you will need to monitor it.

    Cleaning Your Ducts
    An amazing amount of dust can sit in your feed and return ducts. Additionally if your contractor was cutting corners they might have used the voids in your walls without metal duct to act as your return plenums. This is really not optimal because you will be placing stress on your system and if bacteria was to grow in the wall cavity it could be very harmful.

    If you can not clean your ducts yourself then you can hire someone. They will use brushes and a vacuum cleaner similar to a chimney sweep to clean out the ducts and it shouldn’t take more then a couple hours.

    Home Cleaning
    As you might already know most of the dust in our homes is dead skin. Its a pretty disgusting fact but if you don’t want the dust in your heating system you will need to be diligent on cleaning. Placing a box fan in a window is a good way to make sure that dust you stir up with a vacuum or hand duster doesn’t lay back down in the room.

    If you find your computer case fan is often coated with dust then you know that you need to do more to remove dust from your home. Remember all that dust going into your computer is also going into your lungs.

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