Anti Scalding Faucets And Shower Heads

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    Most accidents happen in the home and when we can it is important to remember safety. Many Faucets and Showers now have valves that will sense the temperature of the water flowing through the valve and make adjustments to limit the upper heat range.

    These devices are should be thought of as manditory for childrens bathrooms but even mom and dad don’t want to step into a shower so hot that it can actually burn.

    Installing the products is really no different then any other valve. Hot and cold water lines are attached and the product will handle all the work.

    Before you install one of these valves you should make sure that your water heater is set to 120F this will lower the temperature throughout the house and in addition to adding safety it will reduce your energy costs.

    It is important to know whether you are buying a thermostatic or pressure balanced anti scald product. Some anti-scald faucets will restrict water all together when it senses it is to hot while pressure balanced devices will adjust the flow rate of the hot water to match the cold water supply to allow continued use if someone flushes a toilet.

    The cost difference between the types can be pretty large and pressure ballanced shower valves may run $500 or more depending on your instilation.

    The YouRepair store carries a full line of bathroom faucets and shower valves to help you with your home projects. Remember that most orders over $25 ship for free with supersaver shipping.


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