How To – Fighting A Bed Bug Infestation

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    Bed Bugs have been getting a lot of news lately and the rise in the numbers found in Northeastern cities has become a serious problem. Although the bed bug does not normally spread disease it can like many other pests carry diseases that are serious or deadly to humans.

    Bed bugs feed on Human or Animal Blood.

    Most often you will find bed bugs in natural fiber materials in your home. They like to infest beds hence the name but they will also infest your clothing and other furniture along with carpet.  Since they can survive for weeks without a meal it is possible to have an infestation that is not apparent as soon as they enter your home.

    Some people have told realtors that they won’t purchase homes with carpet because of the problem and that can be a mistake because bed bugs will not occur more or less in a carpeted vs hardwood or tiled floor home.

    How Do I Find Bed Bugs

    Well if they have not found you yet the way to know if you have bed bugs and can not see any active ones is to look for fecal stains, egg cases and shed skins on or near your bed and in crevices around the area.

    Examining an area for the presence of Bed Bugs is difficult and usually is best performed by a professional exterminator.

    Most likely you will find bites on your arms and legs that appear in lines or rows. This is somewhat different then the single but many bites you would find from fleas in random patterns.

    You may also see small red blood stains on your sheets where the bug bit you over night.


    How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

    This is a very difficult task especially if you live in multi unit housing condos, row homes or apartments.

    As suggested by Billy The Exterminator you may want to wash your clothes and other items with a dog insecticide and apply it to your furniture and bed.

    Plush toys and other items can be placed in a dryer for at least 30 minutes.

    Often though if your beds are filled with bed bugs it will mean throwing out the mattress and box spring.

    Also for this reason you do not want to bring used clothing or furniture into your home if your community has a bed bug problem.  That used couch on the side of the road on trash day may look brand new but it may be filled with bed bugs.

    You also want to treat your animals and ask a vet for the proper pesticide dip.

    Wrap new mattresses in sealed plastic.

    Pesticides can be hazardous to people and pets. If you choose to use a pesticide, or a licensed pest control professional suggests you use one, follow
    these precautions:

    • Only use pesticides clearly labeled for bed bug extermination. Never use a cockroach spray, ant spray, or any other pesticide that does not list bed bugs on the label.
    • Follow label instructions exactly.
    • Never spray pesticides on top of mattresses or sofas, or in areas where children or pets are present.
    • Never purchase or use a product without a manufacturer’s label and never buy pesticides from street vendors.
    • Avoid using “insecticide bombs” and “foggers” in your home. These products can spread hazardous chemicals throughout your home, and are not likely to be effective against bed bugs.
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