Measuring for Window Replacement

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    When ordering your new windows you will need accurate measurments to match your existing openings.

    Remember to make a small map of your home and give each window location a lable. > Kitchen East Wall Left, Kitchen East Wall Center, Kitchen East Wall Right …

    Most windows within the same home and room are similar sizes but in older homes you never know so labeling and measuring each window is necessary.

    For Brick homes
    you will need to make a measurment from outside your home.

    Measure in 3 places for the Width and Height .

    Always record the smallest dimensions, Brick sill at the bottom of the window opening may be slanted so record the measurement by taking it close to the window frame.

    For traditional Wood Framed homes

    When making a measurement of the width and height of the window you should take 3 measurments across the frame.

    Left Middle Right for the height of the window

    Top Middle Bottom for the width of the window

    Do not measure where a stop or molding may throw off your size.
    Make sure that you are recording the smallest dimension for the area.

    Take the measurements to your Millwork Supplier and they should be able to match your new windows to your exact openings

    Many Window manufactures and Millwork suppliers will take the measurements for a small fee that can be waved once you place your order.

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