How To – Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

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    Once a year or more depending on the dust that builds up in your kitchen you should clean the evaporator coils on your refrigerator.

    Evaporator coils are part of your cooling system. When your refrigerator freon compressor squeezes the coolant to send it into your refrigerator compartment for cooling the coils let off the heat.

    The more dust that builds up on the coils the harder it is for your refrigerator to work.

    The job is relatively easy to do an only takes a few minutes to perform.

    Cleaning The Coils

    You will need a vacuum cleaner with a small brush attachment. Use the one that you clean your curtains and couch with. They also make special brushes but if you have a clean toilet brush with a loop you can usually remove one end of the loop to make your own.

    You will also need a sponge and a bucket of water. You can add soap but usually you can get away without using soap.

    Moving your refrigerator will probably be necessary remove any items in your refrigerator that may fall or spill when you move it. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall making sure to check while you are doing this for any tension on your ice maker water line or power cord.

    Once you can access the coil on the back of your refrigerator begin by vacuum cleaning the dust and finish with your sponge if needed. If you have an canned air duster for your computer you may want to use this for stubborn areas. Also wipe down the back of the refrigerator the best you can.

    The coils do not need to be spotless they just need the dust buildup removed.

    Remember to clean the compartment that the refrigerator will fit back into and then return the refrigerator to its regular place. Remember to allow enough room between the coils and the wall for good air flow. Check your manual for exact distance 4-6″ inches is probably about right.

    Pretty easy? yea…

    Some refrigerators have a removable kick plate located below the front door.  Depending on the design of the refrigerator this may be access to coils that are hidden or it may just be for air flow.

    Check your manual and remove the plate to clean this area too.

    And since you are in the cleaning mood you should probably take this time to empty your refrigerator and give the whole thing a good cleaning with soapy water and a cleaner that contains bleach for sanitizing.

    You can make your own bleach cleaner by adding 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. Make sure that the bleach solution says wet on surfaces for at least 3 minutes to remove  bacteria and clean your water dispenser while you are at it.

    Now that you are done you can get a snack and put everything away.

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