Google Is Mowing Their Grass With Goats

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    In an effort to reduce their use of gasoline to mow the fields around their buildings google has decided to bring in a herd of 200 goats every few weeks and let them eat the grass.

    Unfortunately the cost is close to the same, something that could be done away with if they reduced the number of goats and made them permanent employees but the idea is simple.

    Many Internet tech companies are at the leading edge of using alternative energy to support their systems. One of the first methods employed was to cool their server rooms with outside air in the winter months. The cost of cooling computers is the largest expense for all colo companies.

    Today you can visit a number of providers and they are happy to announce their use of Solar, wind or other alternative energy being used to provide services.

    HostGator which runs off of ThePlanet’s infrastructure runs all of their servers off of Wind Power. Their servers are located in Texas which does take a great deal of cooling power but then again it gets hot in Iowa in the summer too.

    Using alternative energy when available is probably one of the best investments you can make.

    If your company is large enough to need remote lighting there are good quality solar products that can meet the need without the cost of installing underground wiring or poles.  There are also a number of security products and other smaller devices that you can install without errecting a million dollar wind turbine or filling your parkinglot with sheep.

    Products you decide to use should have quick paybacks and as good or better performance.

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