HowTo – Adding Outdoor Accents With Garden Planters

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    Designing an interesting and comfortable outdoor living space includes many ideas and pieces that add up to an overall experience. Whether your space is small or large planters can provide the special accents that bring nature closer and show your style.

    In larger landscapes and areas away from your home planters can be used to add an accent to an area by changing up different plant types.

    Using a large ceramic pot  even one that is broken and adding a few special flowers to an area that mainly has large grasses or non-flowering bushes can bring your eye to that area. Ask your garden center for their damaged planters and if you can find one that has a cracked base you can dig a hole burying the bottom half or place it on its side.

    Planters on your Deck or Patio

    You can add planters to your deck or patio area to add flowers or even a herb garden.  There are a variety of different options  from planter boxes that match the style of your deck or tall standing ceramic planters that can be used to grow strawberries or a tomato plant.

    Remember when planting near seating or dining areas you should choose plants that do not attract bugs. All flowering plants will attract bees and insects during the early flowering stages but some flowers are known to attract pests throughout the summer.

    Roses are well known for attracting beetles. Although the Beetles do not bite they can be annoying since they do not fly well and constantly bounce into walls, gutters and you.

    Strawberry planters are a favorite for many home owners that would like to see some production from their hard work. with access ports on the side of the planter you will have extra spaces to plant and harvest your strawberries.

    Plastic Planters are great because they don’t weigh as much as ceramic planters. Many new designs from a distance can still give that warm natural feeling after the plant has had time to cascade over the edges of the planter.

    Using vermiculite or perlite in your potting soil is another way to reduce weight on your deck or balcony.  Most plants require about 4 to 6 inches of standard soil for good root growth. Larger pots can have a few stones placed at the bottom so the planter won’t tip then use a 50/50 mix of vermiculite and planting soil for the center of the planter and top the last 6 inches or so off with a traditional mix. This will lessen the weight of the planter making it more manageable if you need to move it for some reason.

    Ornamental Planters

    There are a variety of different ornamental planters and pot holders that can bring style to your home. They are nice as accents in garden beds or around front doors to welcome your visitors.

    Smaller ornamental planters can be brought in during the off season however since bugs will tend to burrow into the soil while it is outside you may want to think twice and start a new batch of flowers for indoors or use a silk or plastic flower replica.

    When using glazed planters for vegetables or herbs always use a plastic liner. Most planters are checked for lead content in the glaze but you can never be too sure especially if the product is manufactured in a location that may not adhere to strict laws.

    Read the bottom of the planter for any lead content warnings.

    Use a plastic liner or reserve the planter for pure decoration or flowers.

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