How To – KwikSet SmartKey Locks And Tools

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    KwikSet recently came out with a new lock feature called the SmartKey.

    If your lock set has this feature it means re-keying the lock to work with different keys is now a matter of seconds instead of minutes and removal and disassembly of the door lock is no longer necessary in all cases.

    The process seems pretty straight forward.

    If you are knowledgeable about standard lock sets you know that the key you insert into your lock will match up with pins that are inside the lock cylinder. When the pins are aligned correctly with the matching key you can then turn the cylinder to open the lock.

    If you want to rekey the locks in your house you need to disassemble all of the locks and then remove the cylinders. Once you have the cylinders removed you will then go through the painstaking process of replacing small 1/8th to 1/4 inch pins so they will match the new keys you want to use. You will also need a professional kit to measure and repin the cylinders.

    With the SmartKey Lockset you simply open the door then turn the original key in the lock until it hits the rekey setting.

    Leaving the key in the lock you insert their special tool then insert the new key.

    The lockset will automatically change its settings to the new key.

    This is probably useful in commercial settings such as businesses or hotels where rekeying locks is a common process. This will eliminate the need to use magnetic keys and may be preferred in some settings.

    We have not heard of any serious security problems with this set considering it can rekey its self but it may be a consideration for home owners or people that do not normally change the keys on their doors. If it is not needed then it is probably not a feature you need to look for.

    The tools necessary to perform the work include the special insertion tool that tells the cylinder to rekey if the cylinder is still in the door when the work is performed.

    If you totally lose the key as might happen when someone gets fired in an office or when a customer walks away with a key at a hotel you can rekey the lock by removing the cylinder and using the special cylinder tool.

    However if you lose the key and the door is locked you are going to need a locksmith to open the door so you can take it apart.

    All in all this technology is really pretty useful and has a number of potential customers.

    It provides the speed and easy of rekeying a door found when you use electronic keycards and still a allows the use of a traditional lock and key.

    If you need something more then a traditional keyset KwikSet offers a number of options including keypad locks, biometric locks, keycards and many others.

    The YouRepair Store sells the full line of KwikSet products including the SmartKey door locks and tools needed to care for them.


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