New Tax Incentives For Metal Roofing

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    The Federal Stimulus Package of 2009 has included better incentives for moving to metal roofing. The total cost of retrofitting or building a home with a metal roof is not covered but with better incentives and rebates the cost of replacing your existing roof with a metal roof can help push people in that direction.

    Choosing a metal roof has many benefits.

    Resistance to fire in areas where wild fires cause damage is a serious consideration. Many counties in California have already restricted the use of wood and asphalt roofing.

    Lower heating and cooling costs are another consideration. Heat Reflective metal roofing can lower attic temperatures by up to 100 degrees reducing the cost of cooling.

    Water collection might also be a consideration. Collecting rain water  from roofs has been a practice followed for centuries and in many areas of the USA it can be the only means of a fresh water supply. Hawaii is one state where many if not most homes collect their own water and eliminate the cost of a water bill for the home owner.

    Metal roofs weigh 1/3rd the weight of a traditional roof .

    Resistance to storms and wind.

    Longer life means lower cost for the time you are in the home and higher resale value.

    Federal Incentives

    The caps on government rebates have been increased to $1.500 from the previous $200 and include 30% rebate up to this amount.

    This means if your roof install costs over $4,500 you should be able to take the full $1,500 rebate.

    If you are replacing your roof you should also take advantage of other incentives for solar electric and hot water heating. These devices can be mounted on your roof at the time of install reducing your overall cost and doing so will increase the rebates that you can take.

    Attic insulation is another rebate that you should consider when improving your roof. Additional rebates are available for insulation.

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    IRS guidelines for existing homes
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