How To – Is Your Home In A Radon Zone?

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    Every home in the USA has a potential to have Radon Gas problems but where you choose to live can mean you have a higher potential for this dangerous gas.

    No matter where you build you should always have a Radon Test performed before you finalize your purchase.

    Once you have realized you are at risk you should take necessary steps to reduce any exposure.

    If you are building a new home then there are methods to vent gasses from below your foundation and slab. If you are purchasing an older home you may need to perform expensive retrofits of your house before it is safe to live in.

    The following links will provide you with some geographic information on your location.

    Alabama Louisiana Oklahoma
    Alaska Maine Ohio
    Arizona Maryland Oregon
    Arkansas Massachusetts Pennsylvania
    California Michigan Rhode Island
    Colorado Minnesota South Carolina
    Connecticut Mississippi South Dakota
    Delaware Missouri Tennesee
    Florida Montana Texas
    Georgia Nebraska Utah
    Hawaii Nevada Vermont
    Idaho New Hampshire Virginia
    Illinois New Jersey Washington
    Indiana New Mexico West Virginia
    Iowa New York Wisconsin
    Kansas North Carolina Wyoming
    Kentucky North Dakota
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