How To Tips And Tasks To Improve The Look Of Your Home On A Budget

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    Painting-DoorWhether you are thinking of selling your home or you just want an updated feel it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to get a quick payback by completing some basic projects that are easy to do.

    One of the hardest things to do is to evaluate your home objectively. This is because you have grown accustomed to the place you live and the little things you overlook might be the first things that need repair or replacing.

    Many people will want to start large projects that take a lot of skill and money but there are a ton of little things you can do around your house that have immediate payback both in function and feel that might only take an hour or two to complete.

    Improving on a Budget

    So the first thing is considering your budget. If you are on a budget like most people you might find it difficult to complete some tasks but thats not to say that you can’t complete others.

    Most of us can’t afford to upgrade a full kitchen or replace a bathroom but honestly you don’t need to think that big.

    For your projects you should look at things that are prominent. You should also look for things that are very affordable. Some projects might only require some labor while others might require searching for discounts and that is something you should get good at if you want to stay within your budget.


    Small Tasks With Big Payback

    The first set of projects can be completed in a few hours on a weekend or in the evening when you have some time.

    Replacing a Kitchen Faucet with a more attractive model.

    Polishing your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink or replacing it if it is heavily damaged.

    Painting or Refinishing your interior handrails along your steps.

    Installing a Tile Back Splash behind your Kitchen Sink.

    Installing a Stainless Steel Back Splash Insert behind your Stove.

    Cleaning, Painting or Replacing a Stove Vent.

    Replacing the Pulls on your Cabinets.

    Replacing a bathroom Faucet with a more attractive model.

    Replacing a bathroom Light Fixture with a more attractive model.

    Painting or Replacing Light Switch and Outlet Covers.

    Projects That Can be completed in a Weekend

    Replacing Blinds or Curtains. Cost depends on your taste you can keep this cheep if you buy off the shelf.

    Regrouting your bathroom tile. (this can take a long time depending on the size of the bathroom but you can probably do a shower stall or floor in a couple hours)

    Replacing all of your interior door knobs with new and more attractive models.

    Painting or Replacing all the HVAC Vent Covers. Spray Paint works best.

    Replacing Outside Lights at your doorways with more attractive models or Painting them.

    Upgrading and Replacing Hallway or entry way interior lights.

    Shampooing your rugs really well.

    Using Bleach or a Fungicide to clean your exterior Siding.

    Projects That Take Some Planning Or Time

    Painting Rooms in your House.

    Installing Mulch and Flower Beds.

    Refinishing Wood Floors. This can be expensive but if necessary can get you a big payback.

    Replacing a Bathroom Vanity.

    Refinishing a wood staircase.

    Treating your lawn for weeds and replanting.

    Final Note

    When picking projects you want to feel a sense of accomplishment and do something that can have a real payback.

    Something like polishing a stainless steel sink and replacing the faucet might take two hours but once you are done you will enjoy it for many years.

    Another simple thing is changing your shower spray head to a nice rainfall design model. If you take your time and look for an attractive and functional part but buy it at a discount you might not pay more than the cost of a basic generic shower head.

    Take your time and think about what matters most to you. What items you use every day or that stand out in your home and then find a way to do it cheaply or move on to the next project while you find a way.


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