How To Keep Warm With Smart Winter Clothing Purchases

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    With Winter coming the time is now to prepare by making smart purchases of clothing to keep warm. This is important whether you work inside or out and you will find when you are warm life just seems a little nicer.

    If you grew up in a cold climate then you probably learned early that wearing layers of clothes will allow you to keep warm but maybe you don’t know why. The reason this method works so well is because air is an insulator. In your attic you have fiberglass insulation. Its not the glass fibers that keep your home warm its the air that is trapped inside it that reduces the transfer of hot home air out into the attic. The same should be considered when you are dressing to keep warm.

    The first layer of protection is thermal underwear. There are a few different types of thermal underwear and some have special properties like the ability to wick sweat off your body if you are working hard. Actually the cheapest type will keep you very warm if used with other clothing. Normally you can get a set with long johns and a top shirt for about $15 at a large discount store but you may pay a bit more at the height of the season.

    You should also think about getting special thick winter socks. I like to wear the long tube socks that fit over the calf of the leg. They will help keep you warmer and thick socks will have both an insulating factor and help reduce foot pain if you wear boots.

    Next if your work allows it you should wear a heavy pair of work boots that are over the ankle and lace up. If you can not wear them throughout the day you can at least wear them to and from work and bring a pair of dress shoes to change into at work. I strongly suggest that you consider a good quality man made material over a leather because leather must be treated and cared for to be waterproof. Leather boots are great and will often last longer but not once they get wet.. If your boots or shoes do get wet you must keep your feet dry so an easy thing to do is place your feet in plastic shopping bags before you put your boots or shoes on.

    Keeping dry is the most important thing in the Winter

    Whether you get wet from the elements or from sweating that moisture will wick all of the heat out of your body so you must remember to always change your socks if your feet become cold and wet.

    You also want to wear a coat that is made of Nylon or another waterproof fabric. A heavy zipper will make it easy to get in and out of your jacket but an extra button flap over the zipper will keep the wind out.

    A Thermal Lined Hoodie is a good choice for under your coat and you can wear it inside your work or home to keep you warm.

    Knit styled hats are a good choice because they will keep you warm and also let some of the moisture escape. If your hair ever gets wet outside you must get it dry as fast as possible, move indoors or to a car if you can. A roll of paper towels is a good thing to keep handy in your vehicle as it won’t freeze like a towel will.

    Buying Winter Clothing on a Budget

    Many people might not have the money to buy a bunch of clothes all at once so the best thing to do is buy what you can over an extended time. Start working on your purchases in the summer and end of season sales the previous year are also a good time.

    Some items like thermal underwear you will need to buy knew but you might be able to find a winter coat at a thrift shop. I would also suggest that you spend the $30 for a decent pair of man made steel toe boots. It is worth the investment to make some purchases new.

    Final Note

    The main thing to remember when trying to keep warm in the winter is that layers will help trap air, you can remove layers when you enter warmer areas and still feel warm and that you must stay dry.

    In the winter I will normally change my socks at least twice a day and sometimes more often if I am working outside in the snow. I always like to go to bed with a fresh pair of socks to keep warm and it feels more comfortable.

    Dressing warm outside is just one part of winter and by dressing warm inside you can reduce your heating costs.

    I find by keeping my head and feet warm that takes care of a lot of heat loss. Put on a hat before you feel cold and it will keep the heat in like putting a lid on a pot of boiling water.


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