How To Remove And Prevent Water Spots On Your Windows

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    If you have ever washed your windows only to see spots reappear the next time it rains it can be pretty disappointing. You take that full day once or twice a year to go over every window, clean the glass and tracks and make sure that water is draining from the relief holes and within everything looks like new. Unfortunately it doesn’t last.

    One trick that I learned when working on cars was that you can buff marks out of windshields including acid rain spots. This is really important for older classic cars when you restore them because glass can be hard to come by and if you can get it the expense is pretty high.

    The same is true for the glass in your home. The average price of just one replacement glass unit.. not both top and bottom but just one double pain unit is $250 or more installed. You can install them yourself to save a bit of money but still you are talking real money.

    Well acid rain doesn’t just land on your vehicle it also eats the glass on your home. In addition all of the particulates in the air will build up and stick like a paste to the glass and eventually cause it to break down.

    Glass will last for a hundred years or more but the surface is where the problem begins.

    So, how can you help your glass live longer?

    Simply polishing your glass when you clean it will provide months of protection. You should use a standard 100 percent carnauba paste wax and apply it after you have cleaned the surface with soap and water.

    Never attempt polishing any surfaces that haven’t been cleaned. Removing dirt is pretty obvious but chemicals, oils and other not so easy to see products can get embedded in the glass or any surface if you polish it before its clean.

    Yes even glass has fine micro cracks that aren’t visible to the eye and this is why things stick to it once it has been etched by acid rain.

    If you fill those cracks with polish then contaminants won’t be able to stick to it.. just like a freshly waxed paint job on your car.

    So, The next time that you take that day to clean all the windows in your home use a little auto polish and remember never use any polish with silicon. Just never use silicon products on anything because they cause more harm than they cure. They make things look super shiny for a week then the damage happens.








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