How To – Forcing Bulbs Indoors for Fresh Flowers Anytime

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    Growing flower bulbs indoors is called forcing and it is an easy way to get beautiful flowers at almost any time of year.

    Many different bulbs will work but your local garden center can help you pick a selection that will work best indoors and in the winter months. Many people will pick an easy variety like Paper Whites but be careful they have a very pungent aroma.

    You can begin by placing your bulbs in a cool space for about a week. A garage that is attached to your home and normally not colder then 40F will work well. You want to trick the bulb into thinking it is early spring before you continue with the planting.

    Forcing Bulbs in Dirt or Just Water which is Best?

    There are two different ways that you can get your bulbs started.

    You can place them in a 2 inch high dish with about a half inch of decorative gravel and then cover their roots with water. This will force the bulbs but the root system will be grown hydroponically.

    You can also grow the bulbs in standard planters and this is best for large bulbs. Place them in enough dirt to cover all but the top of the sprout where the plant will start to grow then water them once and place them in the sunniest room in your house.

    So which is better in water or in dirt?

    If you plan on transplanting the bulbs outside then you should plant them in dirt. Water grown bulbs are not easily transplantable and often haveĀ  a little bit more trouble when you try to save the bulb for next year.

    In about 4 weeks you should be enjoying the start of your new flowers.

    Remember to not over water your bulbs especially those grown in water and not soil you need to keep enough water in the bowl to keep the roots wet but not enough to cover the round part of the bulb or the bulb will get mushy and rot.



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