How To – Why is my Dishwasher making my Dishes and Glasses Cloudy?

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    Cloudy glassware and dull dishes has been a problem forever but no matter how hard you scrub you always seem to be polishing your glasses before you place them out on your table.

    There are a few factors that can ruin a load of dishes but honestly it shouldn’t be that difficult to get good results.

    Proper temperatures and racking of your items should be followed to allow quick draining and full cleaning.

    Soaps that are specifically designed for hard water can be used.

    However if you do have hard water there may be no cure for some spots remaining on your glasses.

    Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. Most of the time this is when your water comes from a well vs a river. What many people don’t realize is that water processing plants that run off of wells are found throughout many suburban communities. This means that minerals present in your area will effect the quality of your water.

    In most instances Hard Water is not dangerous to consume however its not the best thing either.

    You will find that not only do your dishes come out with a milky film … your clothes will not get as clean and in the bath or shower your soap will not suds up.

    If you have always lived in the same general area you may not realize the difference between hard and soft water but these are some of the indicators.

    If you have a water heater rather then an on demand system found in Oil Heat systems or Point of Use systems you may find that your heater gets clogged with mineral deposits.

    If you have hard water it is important that you flush your water heater at a minimum of once a year.

    Since you normally use mainly hot water for washing the flushing of your water heater could actually reduce your mineral problem because mineral deposits have been known to completely fill the bottom 1/4 or more of a water heater even blocking heating elements.

    Quick Fix for Hard Water

    Cleaning your glasses with vinegar will get them clean for using at the dinner table if visitors are coming but you can also just hand polish them with a dishrag.

    You can also try special soaps or drying your dishes by hand after the dish washer goes off.

    Permanent Fix for Hard Water

    If you want to cure hard water you should be very careful about your approach. Many people will suggest a salt softener for your whole house. If you have someone in your family with high blood pressure or even older adults you may not want to use this method because it will introduce more salt into their diet.

    Particulate filters normally do not cure the problem but there are electrical methods that can remove the particulate in solution.

    Modifying your well or going from a well to municipal water may be an answer but normally mineral problems will exist within many miles from your home. On the other hand you may have just hit a heavy mineral deposit to seat your well.

    Ask your plumber for advice and information if most of your community has hard water.


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