How To Set Valve Lash On Hydraulic And Solid Lifter Engines

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    One of the things that many home mechanics run into that can be a little confusing the first time you do it is setting Valve Lash on Solid or Hydraulic Lifter Engines.

    There are a variety of reasons that you might want to check or set your Valve Lash and that can be when you are rebuilding or repairing your engine. Maybe you are changing your camshaft or maybe you just want to do a …

    How To Use A Ball Hone To Prepare Your Engine’s Cylinder Walls For New Rings

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      If you are rebuilding an engine and replacing your piston rings it is normally suggested that you hone the cylinder walls to prepare them before assembly. This might not always be the case but most of the time you don’t want to skip this step because honing your cylinder walls is what keeps the oil on them.

      For best results you are suppose to create a 45 degree cross hatch pattern on the cylinder wall. …

      How To Remove Carbon Buildup On Your Pistons And Cylinder Walls During Head Gasket Replacement

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        When you are working on your engine and replacing the head gasket and you will need to clean your deck surface before you install the new gasket this is a good time to clean up any carbon buildup that might be on the top portion of your cylinder walls and the top of the pistons.

        While doing so you will also be able to inspect the cylinder walls and deck and know if you need …