How To – Removing Snow And Ice From Your Car The Easy Way

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    You woke up this morning and your car was covered in Ice and Snow. You could go back to sleep and hope your boss doesn’t notice you didn’t show up today but more then likely this is not an option.

    So how can you get yourself into your car and on the road the easy way?

    Well honestly dealing with snow and ice won’t be the easiest thing especially when you are still half a sleep but by letting your car do some of the work it will be much less of a hassle.

    Get Into Your Car First

    The first thing you want to do is get into your car.

    Dig the shortest path to your drivers door with a shovel and clean off the door and window and about six inches of the car all around it from snow.

    If you have ice on the door that won’t let you open it and you have automatic locks then try the back door or move around to the passengers side. Often the Passenger door will open easier because it is used less and has a better seal.

    If you still can not get in because of ice on the door then you want to pick the least used door usually the back passengers or the passengers door and break the ice seal around the door by pressing in on it around the frame of the door.

    The best place to press is just below the window and above the handle.  Use the palm of your hand and you only need to press in a tiny amount to crack the ice.. be gentle but firm.

    Once you are in.

    Once you break the ice seal enter the vehicle start the car and turn the heater on. You will need to heat the car long enough to melt a thin layer between the car surface and the snow and ice.

    This will give you time to shovel your driveway.

    When you exit the vehicle make sure the doors are unlocked and you may want to close one door only part way so you can get back in.

    Shovel Out Behind your car to make sure the ehaust is free to breath as you work on the rest of your driveway.

    In about 5 minutes with your defroster and heater on full you should be able to push the snow and ice off of your car in big sheets. Just slide it off  and away from the car.

    Clean up whatever snow you need to around your car so you can have free access to get your car out of its parking space.

    Final Note

    Remember the most important part will be getting into your car and starting it.

    Once the heater is on and the deicer on the back window your car will melt enough of the ice and snow to form a small amount of water to let you slide the rest off outside.

    This means no scraping or chipping or going crazy is necessary.

    Heck you can even sit in your car and drink your coffee if you want to.

    Always be safe. If it is really difficult to get out on a winter morning it probably means streets along your drive won’t be safe for travel. Always listen to traffic reports and news on heavy or icy days.

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