Think You Are Having Trouble? Suburban Chicago Home Won’t Sell For $1

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    The village of Barrington, Illinois put three homes up for sale for just $1 each, but wasn’t able to get a buyer.

    “Even if you’re offering a house for a dollar, sometimes all those logistics can make it difficult, especially in this market,” says Lisa DiChiera of the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois.

    Yes its hard to go into a local bank and fill out all the paper work for a 30 year loan on a dollar…

    Ah but here is the catch only the homes were for sale not the lots that they reside on. It seems the town needed to get rid of the buildings and because they have some historic meaning they didn’t want a battle over demolishing them.

    On the other hand there are 4 towns in Kansas that are giving away 1/4 acre lots for free to anyone willing to build a home and move to the area.

    This seems like a perfect match.

    Disassemble the homes put them on flatbed trucks and move them to Kansas.

    Now all someone needs is a free truck.

    If you want some free land in Kansas here is the link

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