How To – Preparing Your Tools For Winter

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    Well summer is over and although there are still a few more weeks of warm weather its not a bad idea to take inventory and prepare for winter now.

    Having tools that you can depend on in temperatures below freezing is important. Not only will it make life easier if you take inventory now but in the next few weeks you are bound to find sales on items that you may need to purchase.

    Inspect your snow shovels, look for worn blades ends and lose handles. Repairing them can take a while and its not something you want to do at 5am when you are late for work.

    Snow Blowers, You should check the air in your tires and start your snow blower. Inspecting the spark plug and start cord is important. Make sure it runs easy and starts quickly. If it won’t start quick in warm weather it will cause you problems in the cold. Also look at your Reel Pickups inspect the ends for wear.

    Chainsaws are also an important thing during storms. If you have a wood burning fireplace the fall will put your chainsaw to extra duty. Make sure your chain is adjusted properly and stock up on some gasoline oil additive before your retailer stops stocking it.

    Hand Chippers are important if you have Ice storms in your area. They look like a garden hoe that has been straightened. Use your grinder or a file to sharpen the blade end. You are not trying to make it cut paper so remember a rounded tip with wide angles will stay sharper longer.

    Heavy Painters tarp 10 mill or thicker is good for winter protection. Pickup a roll of it at your local supply center for $20 and you can use it to protect things like your BBQ, cover your wood pile or in case of emergency.

    Organizing the things you need for winter when you have an extra few hours will prevent the headaches you will have later. No matter how much planning you do now there will always be things you have to take care of while working but knowing you have the right tools and they are in good condition always helps.

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