How To – Finding Lost Space With Closet Organizers

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    Its strange to think about but putting something else in your already packed closet can actually give you more room…

    There are a number of things that you can do in just a few hours to free up space in your own closet.

    First would be your clothing rack heights. Most of our clothes are half the length of the average 6 foot high hanger bar. By dividing the space in two vertically you can actually fit twice the clothes in your closet.

    Unfortunately this does come at a cost and that would be for people that wear longer coats in the winter or dress storage. In this case you could divide half the closet to provide two short racks to store pants, shirts and smaller items while still allowing enough room to store your longer items.

    Another option is to hang longer items on the back of your door with a coat hanger bar.

    Racks Instead of Bars Give You Flat Storage Too

    A very popular item now is a wire rack with integrated hanger bar. This will provide extra storage for shoes, sweaters and other items that can be stored flat.

    If you need a lot of horizontal storage in your closet you can get short lengths of wire rack and build shelves.

    An added benefit from using wire rack is the lack of dust it will collect. Sure the items that you store may pick up dust but that will happen anyway. Using a rack system reduces cleaning.

    If you need flat storage for items that would fall through a rack system then you can purchase plastic sheets (not Plexiglas too expensive) that will act as flat shelves.

    Shoe Storage

    At the bottom of your closet you can add a shoe rack and if you have space on the back of your door a hanging shoe rack will provide quick access without bending.

    Material Types

    There are as many available types of shelving units as you can imagine.

    Along with wire rack material you will find a variety of laminated wood products use in custom closet organizers to give you the look of oak, maple, mahogany and other popular hardwoods.

    Cloth and Vinyl storage bags are available to hold your important clothes protecting them from dust stains, pests and other problems.

    The YouRepair Store carries a full line of Closet Organization products from easy to install Kits to do it yourself pieces.

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