How To – Sharkbite Fittings for Solderless Plumbing Connections

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    These new fittings have to be the biggest innovation in plumbing since PVC.

    The best thing about using Sharkbite Fittings is that one fitting can accept three different types of pipe. No more need for transitions or mixing and matching  fitting at a connection location.

    One Sharkbite Fitting can accept and mix and match

    Sizes range from 1 inch down to a half an inch and there are T fittings and couplers that will accept different sizes.

    Now you can have a T with a 1″ Pex line that feeds 2 branches of CPVC at 3/4″ and there is no need for Glue and Primer or Clamps or Crimp tools.

    Copper is just as easy and there is no need to make a sweat connection.

    To Disconnect the pipe you use one of their fitting openers.

    And then when you want to reconnect just make sure there are no burrs on the pipe and slip it back in the fitting.

    Cash Acme will soon take over the plumbing industry for many residential and commercial applications.

    These fittings are not applicable for Natural Gas but any place you need to feed water to you can quickly make connections with no need for Tools, Torches or Toxic Cements.

    I strongly suggest that everyone checkout this product.

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