USA Increases Wind Power Output By 50% in 2008

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    In 2008 the nation got 50% more of its electricity from wind power.

    More than 8,500 megawatts of additional power generated by wind turbines was added last year.

    Texas is the leading state in the nation bringing almost 3000 megawatts of  new Wind Power Electric online last year making it number one in the country.  Iowa ended up with the number two spot out ranking California which is now in third place for wind technology. Minnesota, Washington, Colorado and Oregon were all big contenders.

    If you were to compare Texas to other countries the state alone would rank as #6 in the world however as a nation the US gets more then 25,000 megawatts of electric from wind power.

    Although this might sound like great news the amount of energy that the USA consumes dwarfs these numbers.

    The investments are just not there.

    If the USA invested the Tarp Money that went only to AIG and Three of the top banks that received bailouts we could completely replace all electric power generation by coal, oil, natural gas and have enough free energy that no one would pay an electric bill for decades.

    It is very sad to see money being wasted when it could be used to provide not only jobs but a new future for the USA and the world.

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