How To – Dishwasher Buying Guide Tips

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    Being on a bussy schedule the use of a dishwasher in the kitchen can releave much of the work it takes to get good meals on the table.  So, what should you look for in a dishwasher to make sure you get one that meets your families needs.

    Placement of your Dishwasher.
    Dishwashers are best placed immediately adjacent to your sink for proper feed and disposal of waste water.

    Styles & Sizes
    Most dishwashers will come in standard sizes of  18 or 24 inches to fit within your kitchen cabinets but there are a variety of different types that can meet your needs and work within your kitchen’s design.

    If your kitchen already has a dishwasher or if you are installing your first one in an existing countertop opening then double check the measurements before you begin your shopping.

    Under Counter
    The most common type of dishwasher is an under counter model that has a finished front face with unfinished sides. Depending on the features available this type of  dishwasher is  the least expensive.

    Portable Models
    Large movable dishwashers are designed to be stored in a closet and rolled out to the sink for use.  Smaller portable dishwashers can be placed on your countertop and are good choices for Apartments or smaller kitchens.

    In Drawer Dishwashers
    This is a relatively new style of dishwasher where the dishwasher is built to look like a common drawer in your kitchen. This is really not a practical choice for most people because of cost and limited room for washing. Initial designs were prone to leaking but many of the bugs have been worked out.  If you are deciding on this type of dishwasher then you are likely to be someone that eats out more then you cook.


    Heating Water
    Many models will include a internal water heater to increase water temperature to kill bacteria. This is important especially if you tend to leave your dishes for an extended time before washing. Water temperature should reach 160F inside the washer for a long enough time that your dishes will be not only visibly clean but also clean of bacteria.

    Half Load and Water Saving Mode
    Some models will clean half a load of dishes by directing water only to the top or bottom portion of the washer. This is a good option for people that like to wash their dishes after every meal or only do small loads of dishes.

    Water saving models will sense how dirty the dishes are and extend or reduce the cleaning time to meet the requirement.

    Child Safety Locks
    Dishwashers should not open during operation and if they are opened they should turn off immediately. This will reduce not only spills but possible scalding or harm for kids.  This is a very important option if you wash your dishes unattended over night or while doing other things around the home. If you have a small or portable washer without this feature always be careful while using it.

    Front Face Options
    Although many people are looking for stainless steel face fronts in their appliances today you may want to match your cabinets to your washer or you may want to pick a color that you like. There are many options when it comes to under cabinet dishwashers to help you style the product to your preferences.  some will have reversible fronts and others will have optional wood panels that can be ordered. If not check with your cabinet manufacturer for any optional surfaces they can provide for your dishwasher.

    Racks and Bins
    Each model will have different options for holding utensils and larger items. Most dishwashers do not have adjustable storage areas so you want to pick one that will meet your needs best. However if you are someone that often cooks for parties or events  it may be worth it to look into an adjustable rack system so you can get all of your pots, pans, glasses and other items clean in one or two loads.

    Built in Disposals
    Some dishwashers will have a built in disposal to take care of the larger pieces of food. This can be a good option but relying on your dishwasher to handle large amounts of waste may endup with clogging in your plumbing.

    Pre-rinsing in your sink can use a large amount of water some washers come with a pre-rinse mode that will use only about a gallon of water where rinsing in your sink could use up to 25 gallons for a large family meal.

    Filter Systems should be easy to access and clean on a regular basis.

    Time Delay for overnight Washing
    Washing dishes during off hours will reduce load on your public water system. High load times are at breakfast and dinner. A time delay for the start mode will allow you to wash your dishes either during the day while you are away or at night while you are sleeping.

    There is no real benefit in cost of when you wash your dishes so you need to make the choice of when is best for you. Can you sleep with the dishwasher on? this could be a problem.  If you choose to wash during the day remember that any leaks or problems could have you running home especially if you live in an apartment.

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