How To – Low Profile Tires And Wheels

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    There has been a fad in the past 10 years for huge rim wheels and tiny low profile tires.

    Why people put these things on their cars is beyond any understanding other then the fact that cars with this option also often come with stereo systems that pull more amps then a home stereo system and weird color schemes that look like some type of intergalactic glitter vomit. Basically they are for people that always wanted to be in the circus and now have more money then brains.

    In all seriousness don’t invest a few thousand dollars into this option and hopefully this howto can steer you away from making a poor investment in both money and utility for your car.

    The first thing you should understand is that there is a reason that street vehicles come with a wide profile tire. This is to provide both comfort for the occupants but also to reduce stress on the vehicles suspension and provide better gripping and handling at the point the tire meets the road.

    Now you may have seen shows on tv where some guy from jersey puts 22 inch rims on a basketball players new bentley but he is not improving the vehicle. He is selling CRAP to Idiots with more money then they know how to spend. If they had half a brain they would invest it for when they can’t play anymore.

    Lets put it this way have you ever seen a Nascar vehicle either a car or truck or a NHRA 1/4 mile car or a IMSA or any other Professional Racing vehicle with these stupid ass rims and tires on them?

    I guess the closest you can get to anyone using this setup is street racers that like to drift their Toyota corollas into a light pole doing 95mph in an industrial park. But then again what does that say about them.

    The fact is this fad started when Trucks became SUVs and larger wheels that were available to trucks got stuck on someones Honda or supra or 1986 emerald green and orange metallic Impala four door.

    If you want to buy this garbage we got it for you baby but don’t do it.

    What you are giving up is control of your vehicle and a much rougher ride. Along with that you are going to do some serious damage to your suspension or at least eat it up long before its time.

    In all seriousness look at what police put on their cars. They put Zero Delete Steel Factory rims with High Speed Tires. This is the best wheel tire setup for normal street vehicles. They are strong and moderately light so they don’t weight down your suspension with unsprung weight. They can take a dent or impact and keep on going. The tires have a larger profile to provide better stability at low and high speeds. They also don’t look like you just got beamed down from some space alien disco party.

    Sure they are ugly but if you want to upgrade to a nicer look you can go with a chrome steel wheel or a chrome or painted aluminum or magnesium wheel and a standard profile height tire. Something that won’t break apart when you hit a pothole or curb.

    Anything else and you might as well just go out and buy yourself a 50 gallon drum of industrial lubricant and keep your car in your driveway so you can use it for freaky disco parties.

    This fad not improvement to car technology has gone so far that even Car makers are selling this crap as OEM dealer options.


    On a good note at least the spinners have gone away.

    If you have $5,000 to put into wheels and $5,000 to put into a sound system then why didn’t you just buy a nicer vehicle to start with.

    So this HowTo is really a HowNotTo and the YouRepair Staff hopes you take the $5,000 for the Wheels and go get yourself a Community College Degree.


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