8 Cheap Cars That Can Save You LOTS of GAS

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    While you are saving money by installing insulation, florescent lights and adjusting your thermostat we thought you might need some help saving gas. This Article is reprinted courtesy of www.JobZoneUSA.com and lists 8 budget cars that you can use as a second car or as a replacement for the SUV you drive alone to work every day.

    An old Beater that gets you 35mpg can look pretty nice if you get a $150 paint job and clean the interior. Lets face it at 5am on the way to work the way you look isn’t going to impress anyone so driving that escalade that gets 6 miles to the gallon really isn’t worth it. Buy a car that saves you money and maybe you can ask someone to hit the beach this weekend with the money you save on gas.


    With the high costs of new vehicles people are finding it difficult to justify getting rid of their current car, truck or SUV just to put the money they would spend in gas into the pockets of a new car dealer.

    Although buying a new car is often a great way to go for businesses that can take deductions as an individual you really need to think smart and understand that within the first year your cars value will drop anywhere from 10 percent and up even if you keep it in perfect shape. Within 5 years you are likely to see a 50 percent drop in many cars values which can make them great selections if you are savvy about your purchases.

    Of the models that we can suggest you take a look at most of them provide more then 30 miles per gallon and some of them employ Hybrid Technology while others are just compact enough to get you to work or the store and not have you pay more in gas then you might earn in a average day.

    The following models show a starting year or the earliest year that we have data for. Newer models will provide better features and may have some of the bugs worked out. Some Discount cars like the Suzuki are only recommended because you can pick them up for close to nothing.

    One thing to remember is that newer vehicles have continued to add features that take up weight and cost in MPG however it is often better to spend a few more dollars to have a safe and relyable car if it will be used for long commutes.

    1998 – Volkswagen New Beetle – 36/44 MPG – 4 cyl, 1.9 L, Manual 5-spd, Diesel

    1999 Chevrolet Metro – 34/42 MPG – 3 cyl, 1 L, Manual 5-spd, Regular Gas

    1999 Toyota Paseo – 29/35 MPG – 4 cyl, 1.5 L, Manual 5-spd, Regular Gas

    2000 Honda Insight – 49/61MPG – 3 cyl, 1 L, Manual 5-spd, Regular Gas

    2000 – Suzuki Swift – 31/38 MPG – 4 cyl, 1.3 L, Manual 5-spd, Regular Gas

    2000 – Volkswagen Golf – 335/40 MPG – 4 cyl, 1.9 L, Manual 5-spd, Diesel

    2002 – Toyota Prius -42/41 MPG -4 cyl, 1.5 L, Automatic (variable gear ratios), Regular Gas

    2003 – Honda Civic Hybrid – 40/43 MPG – 4 cyl, 1.3 L, Automatic (variable gear ratios), LEAN-BURN, Regular Gas

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