Removing Stains from Stone Countertops

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    There are a variety of different methods used to clean and restore marble surfaces. Because Marble and other stone materials can react differently to acids, bleaches and other chemicals it is important that any restoration process that you attempt be tested on a small spot before you apply it to large areas.

    You should always try the least aggressive methods first to reduce the chance of permanent damage.

    For general cleaning you should use a mild soap detergent and a soft sponge or cloth.  A soft bristle brush can be used but you should not use aggressive action that can damage the surface shine.

    If you have stains a variety of cleaners are on the market that are specifically formulated for marble surfaces.

    • Acetone or Mineral spirits can be used to remove surface contaminants.

    When oil based stains like lipstick, butter, cream, mustard, grease or fats  penetrate the surface of the stone you can us a poultice or paste solution that will leach the stain out of the stone.

    • To prepare a poultice mix acetone or mineral spirits with baking soda in a bowl. The mixture should be a toothpaste type consistency.

    • Apply the mixture about 1/4″ thick to the stained area and cover with plastic wrap.

    • Allow the mixture to sit for up to 48 hours.

    • To remove the poultice use a towel and wooden spatula and avoid scratching the surface.

    • Now clean the area with water and examine for any remaining stain after the surface drys.

    Note you should always avoid cleaners that can scratch your surface especially when cleaning deep stains. Cleansers with abrasives will damage the surface and will not remove the stain that has penetrated the stone.

    Steam Cleaning is also something that you should avoid around stone surfaces.

    If needed you can rebuff the stone by using manufacturer recommended stone cutting compounds and polishes.  They are easy to work with and come in different grades of abrasiveness.

    Once you have completed the cleaning or restoration of your stone countertop you should apply a sealer to protect the surface from further damage.

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