How To – Crock Pot Cooking and Easy Cleanup

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    Crock Pot cooking is an easy way to assemble a meal in the morning and have it ready for dinner without needing to watch it. The main advantage of slow cooking also means that cleanup of baked on food can really be a pain.

    Where you can probably get away with a quick scrub of a stove top pot or pan the amount of scrubbing can be harsh on your crock pot. Placing your liner in your dish washer is probably not going to result in getting it clean.

    The key to getting baked on material off is letting the pot soak in warm soapy water. Since it took hours to bake on its going to take at least an hour or three of soaking to get off.

    First remove all of the material that you can with a plastic spatula then fill the pot with water and some dish washing soap.

    For hard buildup you may want to soak the pot overnight. Remember if water can dig the grand canyon it can get off some burnt on potato or carrot.

    Once you have removed most of the buildup you can use a scratch free green scrubby sponge to help free up the rest.

    Some people even suggest returning the liner to the warming unit then placing it on low. This may work but its probably not necessary.

    If you are cooking something that actually stains your crockpot surface then you can bleach the pot by using a 1 part bleach 4 part water solution. Allow the bleach to sit for about an hour and you will be amazed to see a new looking surface.

    Remember that soaking works but it takes time.. just like making a good  stew or soup.

    Just let it soak and walk away.



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