Introduction to House Framing

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    Framing refers to the process of building the structure of the house. Once the foundation is established carpenters begin to build the frame of the house with nominal sized 2x lumber and plywood material.

    The methods used for building the frame of the house vary by region, the materials being used and builders experience. All builders will have a different way of getting the work done but the inspection process will make sure that general standards are adhered …

    Post and Pier foundations in Flood Prone Areas

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      Post and Pier foundations are most often associated with beach or river front settings. Their main use in those areas is to provide a footing that will support the home over loose soil or sand and also to raise the home above the flood zone level.

      Other uses of Pier and post foundations would be to allow for quick building of a home in a rural area where the costs of concrete would be prohibitive or its transport impossible. Another …

      Concrete Foundations – Footings

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        Concrete is the fastest and easiest way to form a buildings foundation. Aluminum or wood forms are used to define the shape and placement of the wall and then concrete is poured into the form and allowed to cure.
        Foundations have 3 basic parts: the footing, the wall and the Slab or floor. 

        Footing specifications must be designed by an engineer or qualified architect. Although special considerations for your project may be necessary most of the time the specifications will be …

        Concrete Foundation Footings

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          Concrete foundations used in home and commercial construction come in many different configurations and are made up of many different parts. The four basic types of foundations used in residential construction include: Slab, Kneewall, full basements and post and pier. Each of these require some type of footing. The main reason for a foundation is to support the structure and to provide a level starting point for building. The main function of the footing is to provide a stable base …

          Concrete in residential construction

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            Concrete is one of the most versatile products used in construction. From the well known like foundations and walkways to the more innovative uses found in countertops and exterior siding concrete products are proving that they are cost effective, durable and worth a second look.

            If you are building a foundation you may order cubic yards by the truckload or you can quickly build up walls with Pre-Cast blocks.

            Pre-cast concrete is also used for …

            Steel and Wood Beams

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                Steel and Wood beams are used throughout homes and commercial buildings to provide proper distribution of floor and wall loads. There are a few different types of beam designs and various materials that can be used but the most important factor is matching the structural rating of the beam to the loads being supported. For this reason under most conditions Beams will need to be specified by an Architect or Structural Engineer.

              Mid-span Beams are the most common type used …

              HowTo – Staining Your Deck

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                With proper maintenance your deck can last years longer so taking a half a day to paint it should not be looked at as a nasty chore but a protection of your investment.

                Penetration into the wood is the main difference between Paints and Stains.

                Paints can be thought of as a thick outer shell that will fail once it is chipped off. Stain will enter into the wood and continue to protect the wood …

                Planning your Deck Project

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                  Every good project starts with a good plan and although Decks are a pretty simple project you will probably need to submit plans to your Building Official to get a permit for construction.

                  For specifications of how detailed your plans need to be you should call your local permit office and ask them what they will need from you.

                  Most areas will require:

                  • A Plot Plan of your homes lot showing the location and …

                  Flooring Manufacturers

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                    Flooring Manufacturers

                    Laminate Floors

                    Abet Laminati
                    Alloc, Inc.
                    Armstrong World Industries
                    BHK of America
                    Bruce Laminate Floors
                    Classen USA
                    Columbia Forest Products
                    Faus Group, USA
                    Faus Floor
                    Kaindl Flooring
                    Mannington Mills
                    Mohawk Laminate Flooring
                    QuickStyle Industries
                    Quick Step Laminate Floors
                    Shaw Laminates
                    Uniboard of Canada
                    Hardwood Floors

                    Anderson Wood Floors
                    Authentic Pine Floors
                    Award Wood …

                    Lumber Manufacturers

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                      Elk Building Products (composite lumber)

                      Georgia Pacific


                      TimberTech (composite lumber)


                      Paint Manufacturers

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                        Benjamin Moore


                        Dutch Boy


                        Martin Senour


                        Ralph Lauren

                        Sherwin Williams

                        National Trade Organizations

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                          American Forest & Paper Association

                          Association of Millwork Distributers

                          Composite Lumber Manufacturers Association

                          International Code Council (BUILDING CODES)

                          Western Wood Products Association

                          Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association