Tankless Hot Water Heaters – The future of hot water

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    The newest innovation in water heaters is a tankless system. The first versions of these appliances were found in point of use installs. Point of use water tanks only support the sink or appliance they are connected to. Some point of use water heaters still have a small tank of under 10 gallons and may be installed in out buildings like a detached garage or in cabins or other low volume demand areas.

    The difference between a small tank system and …

    Plumbing Products

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      Drano www.drano.com Chemical Drain Cleaners
      Oatey www.oatey.com Plumbing parts and pipe fittings
      Nutone  www.nutone.com Bath Fans

      State Licensing – Directory Information

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        The following directory is provided as a starting point.

        When making contact with your States Department of Business / Labor
        make sure to explain Your Trade and Location.

        All contractors are treated differently within every State.
        You can expect Plumbing, Electrical and any Health related contractor such as asbestos abatement or pesticides to go under strict guidelines both in the application and on going business process.

        If you are an out of State Contractor there will be special requirements.






        General Contractors …

        Contractor Licensing Overview

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          Contractor Licensing Overview

          Many States and even Local – County, City and Townships place Licensing and Insurance requirements on contractors. Each location that you work in will have a different set of rules and this can lead to some misunderstandings between the contractor the property owner and the regulators.

          For some trades registration can be as simple as applying for a $75 business license and carrying Insurance but as more localities decide they want a cut …

          Contractor Licensing

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            Contractor Licensing
            Whether you are a Contractor or a Consumer the Licensing of Building Professionals is a process that benefits everyone.  Here we will provide information on how to apply for a contract or check to see if the contractor you hire is licensed.
            Licensing assures that professionals have undergone a process of verification. For some Trades this may be something as simple making the correct application at the time of formation of the business for others such …

            How To – Painting Wood Doors

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              With proper maintenance a wood door can last as long as metal alternatives.

              As with any other painting project prep work is 70% of the job. The actual painting of the door will not take long but you should follow a few basic steps to get the best finish.

              First you must decide if you can remove the door. This is the best option because it will give you easy …

              Shingling Roofs – Shingle Materials Estimation

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                When you are working on a roof you need to determine how many squares or 100 square foot sections of shingle that you will need to purchase.
                There are two methods to estimate the amount that you will need.

                The first is to actually get up on the roof and measure the actual square foot of the roof surface.

                This is easy enough for a home owner because it will give you the chance to inspect your …

                How To – Reclaiming your Lawn from Weeds

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                  lawn grassWhether it got that way by your own neglect or you are moving into a new home with a weed covered lawn there are some simple steps you can take make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

                  First thing to do is get a Soil Sample test.
                  Almost every decent garden center can take a quick look at a sample from your yard and tell you if your soil is …

                  Preparing Concrete Floors for Tile or Wood Floors

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                    Concrete GrinderWhen installing Ceramic Tile or wood floors you always want your substraight to be level and without bumps.
                    Although Mortar and Mastic will provide you with a little bit of leeway it is best to remove any high spots with a hand or electric grinder.
                    The choices you have in tools include a hand grinder like we will be using or electric models either a hand held disk grinder or a …

                    Block Planes

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                      Hand Block Planes are a great way to remove an even amount material from the edges of doors, windows or other wood features around the house.
                      When using a plane you should only remove material along the grain and not against it. If you must remove material against the grain then never run the plane off the end of the wood or you will risk splitting.

                      To set the depth of the plane blade …

                      Choosing Door Locks and Knobs

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                        There are many reasons that you may need to upgrade or change your door locks. One of the main reasons is when you purchase a new home. Another is when you are remodeling and changing your doors. Whatever the reason you should always purchase the best quality lock set that you can afford.

                        So what features should you look for when making your purchase?
                        Testing the products at your home center is one of the best ways …

                        Hand held Hammers

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                          Picking the right Hammer

                          There are as many hammers out there as there are jobs to use them for. The one that you select should fit both the needs of the job you are performing and your body. Choosing a hammer that is too small will mean many extra blows are required to drive a nail and too heavy a hammer means that you may miss your target causing damage to the material you are working …