Carpet Care

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    Good Carpet can be one of the larger investments in your home with proper care it can last you 10 years or more however it only takes a couple accidents to ruin it past repair.

    The first thing you need to realize is that no matter what the warranty or special protection all carpet can and will get stained. Small amounts of dirt, grass and asphalt tar will remain on …

    How To – Preparing for New Carpet

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      Installing new carpet in your home is often a task that is left to professionals but sometimes you can improve the experience and lower your cost by taking some easy steps.

      First you should measure your room and make a floor layout of where you want the carpet. Most companies will charge you a $50 or more measure fee even if they do offer free estimates.  Make sure that any measure or estimate fee is …

      Installing a Sillcock – Outside Faucet

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        Most homes will have an outside faucet to hook up your hose in the front and back of your house but sometimes the faucet is not in a good location for watering your garden or washing your car.

        Here we will cover the steps needed to install a Sillcock.

        You should have a good understanding of basic plumbing. 

        If you feel this job is outside your basic abilities then you may want to ask a friend to help or have …

        Installing a Drywall Access Panel

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          Sometimes there is a need to have access to pipes or other things that hide within our homes walls. The easiest way to provide a clean looking solution is to install a plastic access panel.

          They come in a variety of sizes.
          Install with only a few simple tools.
          Can be painted to match your wall.

          In our example we are building a basement wall. Behind the wall is our waste line clean-out.

          To be able to access the pipe at a …

          How To – Using Span Charts For Framing

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            Framing is the process of building the supporting structure of a project whether it be a home or a deck or a shed.

            To build your project correctly so roofs can support snow, walls can withstand wind loads and your floor system can support the extra weight of the whirlpool bath you installed it is important to choose the correct sized lumber when building. For this reason architects and engineers take special care when they are selecting the …

            Tankless Hot Water Heaters – The future of hot water

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              The newest innovation in water heaters is a tankless system. The first versions of these appliances were found in point of use installs. Point of use water tanks only support the sink or appliance they are connected to. Some point of use water heaters still have a small tank of under 10 gallons and may be installed in out buildings like a detached garage or in cabins or other low volume demand areas.

              The difference between a small tank system and …

              Plumbing Products

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                Drano Chemical Drain Cleaners
                Oatey Plumbing parts and pipe fittings
                Nutone Bath Fans

                State Licensing – Directory Information

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                  The following directory is provided as a starting point.

                  When making contact with your States Department of Business / Labor
                  make sure to explain Your Trade and Location.

                  All contractors are treated differently within every State.
                  You can expect Plumbing, Electrical and any Health related contractor such as asbestos abatement or pesticides to go under strict guidelines both in the application and on going business process.

                  If you are an out of State Contractor there will be special requirements.






                  General Contractors …

                  Contractor Licensing Overview

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                    Contractor Licensing Overview

                    Many States and even Local – County, City and Townships place Licensing and Insurance requirements on contractors. Each location that you work in will have a different set of rules and this can lead to some misunderstandings between the contractor the property owner and the regulators.

                    For some trades registration can be as simple as applying for a $75 business license and carrying Insurance but as more localities decide they want a cut …

                    Contractor Licensing

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                      Contractor Licensing
                      Whether you are a Contractor or a Consumer the Licensing of Building Professionals is a process that benefits everyone.  Here we will provide information on how to apply for a contract or check to see if the contractor you hire is licensed.
                      Licensing assures that professionals have undergone a process of verification. For some Trades this may be something as simple making the correct application at the time of formation of the business for others such …

                      How To – Painting Wood Doors

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                        With proper maintenance a wood door can last as long as metal alternatives.

                        As with any other painting project prep work is 70% of the job. The actual painting of the door will not take long but you should follow a few basic steps to get the best finish.

                        First you must decide if you can remove the door. This is the best option because it will give you easy …

                        Shingling Roofs – Shingle Materials Estimation

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                          When you are working on a roof you need to determine how many squares or 100 square foot sections of shingle that you will need to purchase.
                          There are two methods to estimate the amount that you will need.

                          The first is to actually get up on the roof and measure the actual square foot of the roof surface.

                          This is easy enough for a home owner because it will give you the chance to inspect your …