Home Buying – First Right of Refusal

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    First Right of Refusal is part of most contracts that allow rights to both the seller and the buyer to continue the negotiation process if problems occur they can also be used to reserve the right for a known person to make an offer at any time a property is sold.

    Lets look at some the instances that First Right of Refusal can be used and the benefits and drawbacks of these clauses.

    The most common use of first right of refusal …

    How To – Running Wire for Electrical and other Services

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      There are many times when you will need to add or upgrade electrical, cable tv, telephone or other services in your home. To do so you need to understand both how circuits are designed and how your home is constructed to fish the wire through walls and make proper connections.

      In other HowTos we will cover wall construction in more detail but lets take a look at the components of an average wall so we know how to …

      How To – Making Cable Tv Cables

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        Whether you are wiring your whole home or just making a custom cable that runs from your wall outlet to your television the steps and tools you need are the same.

        In this HowTo you will learn how to strip cable ends and use crimp connectors.

        Tools you will need
        RG-6 Crimping tool
        Utility knife or stripping tool
        Wire Cutters
        RG-6 Crimp Connectors

        See the bottom of the HowTo for Tool Links

        First …

        HowTo Foundation And Slab Floor Insulation

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          Since about 1995 there has been a strong movement to increase insulation in all areas of our homes to reduce heat loss and lower energy costs. For most of us this has meant increasing the amount of insulation in our attics and adding insulation to exterior walls if the home is old enough that it was not built with insulated walls.

          New construction has seen a variety of different products and methods that …

          How To – Installing Carpet And Understanding Products

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            Carpet is a large investment for any home owner and the product you pick will have a lot to say about what  decisions you can make for other furnishings in your home.

            Other then the choice of wall paint or coverings the type and color of your carpet will will have the biggest influence on how your home looks from the inside. Other factors such as the ability of the carpet to absorb noise will give …

            Polybutylene Plumbing class action lawsuit settlement

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              For many home owners with polybutyline pipe in their homes the announcement of a settlement in the replacement and repairs of poorly functioning pipe will be music to their ears.

              The $1.103 billion Settlement of the class action lawsuit was entered on November 17, 1995 but many home owners do not know about how to recover money to cover all of their past costs. 

              The lawsuit was brought on behalf of homeowners with polybutylene plumbing (PB pipe). Eligible homeowners could receive a free …

              How To – Extending Gutter Downspouts Around Doorways

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                In this HowTo we will extend a downspout from our roof gutter under a concrete pad that is near the front doorway of our home.

                Managing rain runoff from your gutter system is important for many reasons. In the summer months when rainfall can be heavy you need to have the water diverted away from your pathways and entrences to your home for comfort and safety. In the winter months when water can …

                Solar Power 2008 Conference San Diego

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                  Solar Power 2008 is where solar business takes place!

                  If you have a professional interest in solar energy (photovoltaics, concentrating photovoltaics, solar thermal electric or solar hot water), this event has something to offer your business.

                  Whether you walk the show floor to our 400+ exhibitors or you attend the 60+ conference sessions to learn about the latest market, policy, finance and technology happenings in the industry, you’ll walk away with invaluable information and relationships.


                  Public Night at the Solar Power …

                  Weyerhaeuser Losing Millions as New Home Sales Hit 30 Year Low

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                    New Home sales have hit a record low not matched since the Jimmy Carter Administration in 1979-82 when Interest rates were 14 percent and higher for home loans. Weyerhaeuser lost $148 Million so far in first quarter 2008 due to its product line being dependent on new home building.

                    Daniel Fulton, President of Weyerhaeuser say they are experiencing a record low production when adjusted for inflation. Total profits were only 48 million dollars and after having higher then expected returns the companies sales are still …

                    Coca Cola Shifts Half its Fleet to Hybrid Vehicles

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                      Coca Cola is getting the idea. As gas prices approach $4 a gallon Coca Cola has decided to convert its fleet of sales vehicles to Hybrid Electric cars and even some Hybrid Trucks.

                      In Atlanta bout 325 of its 800 vehicles used by its sales force and 140 diesel-electric hybrid delivery trucks are on the road already with plans to add 225 more by years end. In Charlotte they have 400 more vehicles about half of its sales force. 

                      Coke estimates the …

                      Home Retail Supply Companies Feeling Economic Hits

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                        Home Depot with aproximately 350,000 employees and 80 billion in sales last year told investors that it will be closing two of its under performing stores this month. The cuts are reported to effect about 1,300 workers in total however the number of employees that work at a single store is far less then this so additional cuts will be made in their support system.

                        This is the first time in the history of the company stores have been closed for this …

                        How To – Building Wood Porch Stairs

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                          So, now that you built your deck you need a way to get off of it and stairs are a great way to do that.

                          The first thing you need to do is decide of you will be building the stair stringers (things that hold the stair tread steps) yourself or if you will be buying some pre-cut ones at the lumber yard.  The cost of buying them isn’t that much and if you haven’t …