Weird Homes

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner Buys 100 Million Dollar California Estate

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    Yuri Milner a Russian billionaire investor and best know for being a primary funding source for FaceBook is said to have purchased the USA’s most expensive estate.

    The home located in Los Altos California or better know as the rich side of Silicon Valley includes a 25,000 square foot residence home theater, wine cellar, spa, gym, and ballroom. The home’s outdoor features include a tennis court, carwash, swimming pool and formal gardens. And the …

    House In The Clouds – Suffolk England

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      Well this is definitely a strange house that  has been turned into a country rental but it wasn’t always a home.

      In 1923 the Thorpeness Estates needed to build a 50,000 gallon water tower but instead of just putting up the standard tower they decided to build a home around it.

      The cottage that sits at top was originally the home of the water tank however in the area below there was living space.

      During WW2 the …