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US Home Sales Fall 30% To An Astounding Low For May 2010

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    After European Home Sale numbers came out earlier this week with slightly higher performance and increases in home prices it is very disappointing to see a dramatic drop in pending home sales for the USA of 30 percent on average with higher numbers in all areas except southwestern states which have already seen dramatic cuts in new and existing home sales.

    Pending sales fell by 33.3 percent in the South, 32.1 percent in …

    UK Home Prices Continue To Rise As US Prices Fall June 2010

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      A larger then expected number of homes were available in the UK  in May and June however prices continue to rise slightly.  With only a .1% increase in the cost of a home the UK market is still far ahead of US home sales which are now commonly short sales or foreclosures.

      However since the beginning of the year the overall price of homes in the UK  has risen 3% and this is without incentive …

      Home Depot To Cut 1000 Jobs Close 3 Stores

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        Although the cuts are not really a dramatic event considering Home Depot employed over 300,000 people however to the 1,000 people that will lose their jobs rather then be immediately transferred the announcement is not something to be happy about.

        Three specialty stores are to be closed under standard operations and about 150 of the 1000 job cuts will come at the companies headquarters support center.

        The cuts are not expected to effectively reduce costs or profits and the bottom line is …

        Toll Brothers – USA’s Largest Home Builder sees 36% drop in sales

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          Fourth Quarter sales drop again for Toll Brothers.. America’s largest single home builder. Revenue fell 36 percent and the cancellation rate rose to the highest ever as demand faltered in the weak housing market.

          Toll Brothers will have a cost of as much as $450 million for land writedowns and said demand worsened in October as excess supply held back customers.

          Sales of new homes in the U.S. declined 23 percent in September from a year ago as tightened lending standards and …

          China Won’t Allow Export Of Metals Used In Green Technology

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            Well if you were wondering when the Green Jobs might start showing up to help Americans who are now unemployed and get us off dependence of fossil fuels it won’t be any time soon says the Chinese Government.

            In an announcement released January 2nd by Chinese officials the country that controls 97% of the metals that are used in Green Energy Technology Products will reduce and eliminate the export of raw material with the intention of controlling …

            2010 Housing Market Forecast – Good Or Bad News Ahead?

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              The last 18 months have been a free fall for the US housing market with a record number of foreclosures in previously vibrant markets the number of homes on the market has also effected current home owners.

              As we watched land developers go out of business and lots being sold for a dollar just to get rid of them you may have wondered if the new lower prices for homes would attract new buyers.

              In addition to lower prices …

              End Of Summer Home Sales And Prices Drop As Builders Show Losses

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                The Department of Commerce released figures this week on the number of homes sold and the average prices. Unfortunately for Builders it seems that the massive new home rebates offered by the Obama Stimulus Package are not stabilizing prices or increasing sales.

                Down to 426,000 units although slightly higher then previous months July fell short of expectations.

                The average price of a home also fell 11% from $221,000 to just over $195,000 this was the …

                Safety – Tips For A Great Safe 4th Of July Holliday Party

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                  Every Fourth Of July we hear Horror stories about people getting injured. The fact is the people that got hurt were probably thinking the same thing you were that … its someone else and it would never happen to them.

                  It is difficult to say which holiday comes with the most tragedy New Years has its share of drinking and the icy roads don’t make for good driving whether you are the designated driver or …

                  April 2009 Housing Starts Fall To Lowest Ever Recorded

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                    The Government started recording the number of new homes being built back in 1960 and in April of 2009 Permits for new homes have reached the lowest ever recorded.

                    Overall new starts are down 50 percent after a 12 percent drop just in April.

                    In most areas a permit will expire after a year if the builder does not show continuous progress towards completing the home or building. In the last year home sales of available …

                    State And Community Colleges Offer Alternative Energy Boot Camps

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                      A number of State and Community Colleges mostly in Western States have started offering Job Readiness Bootcamps in the fields of Alternative Energy.

                      Students take a one to six week course in unison with business that makes them ready for new green technology jobs.

                      One of these colleges is Shasta College that offers a range of different professional development courses. Training people in everything from SIP Insulated Panel construction for home and business building industry to …