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2011 Ends As Worst Year on Record for New Home Sales

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    Fewer people bought new homes in December. The decline made 2011 the worst year for new -homes sales on records dating back nearly half a century.

    The Commerce Department said Thursday new-home sales fell 2.2 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 307,000. The pace is less than half the 700,000 that economists say must be sold in a healthy economy.

    About 302,000 new homes were sold last year. That’s less than the 323,000 sold in 2010, making last …

    Alabama Holds Contractor Job Fair After Illegal Immigration Law Enacted

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      Alabama Home Builder Associations are holding Job Fairs after the States new standards against hiring illegal aliens has been enacted.

      The penalty provision that would shut down a business found to hire an illegal immigrant for 15 days after the first offense. On a second offense, a contractor’s license could be suspended. On the third offense, a company would permanently lose its license to do business in Alabama.

      An estimated 185,000 illegal aliens work in the Alabama Construction …

      Canadian lumber industry expects increased sales to China in 2013

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        The Canadian Lumber Industry who ships a large amount of product to the USA has been in decline lately however with expansion of the middle class in China industry watchers are saying the expect higher sales in 2013.

        In some cases this can be a good thing if the local and regional market is not purchasing product. This has been the case since 2008 when the US housing market saw a down turn.

        However China is not purchasing …

        First Baptist Church And Community Build Homes For Alabama Tornado Victims

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          As a shining example that people can pull together and with just a little help from everyone a big task can be completed the First Baptist Church and the surrounding community has started building homes when no one else seems to care.

          The new homes are not grand but they serve the need of allowing families to return to their community and start again. At about 1100 square feet with donated time and the costs …

          Resident Of San Fransisco Arrested For Protesting The Install Of Utility Smart Meter – June 20 2011

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            The use of smart meters by utilities has come under scrutiny by home owners across our country. The meters are designed to not only monitor your use of electricity but in the future they will allow the utility company to make temporary or permanent cutoffs of services on a house by house basis.

            Most believe that this will lead to rationing of electricity and may effect persons with disabilities that may need electricity for home …

            Home Building And Realtor Associations Struggle To Stay Alive

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              Since 2008 the real estate market has seen a deep decline and this has meant a sharp decrease in the memberships of local building and realtor associations.  For businesses small and large these associations can mean a lot for their bottom line and for their employees.

              Although the competition can be rough in good and bad economies local businesses come together to foster the development of communities. Working with local, state and federal government associations …

              Japan’s Government To Build 100,000 Homes For Earthquake Survivors

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                Japan’s prime minister says the country plans to build as many as 100,000 temporary homes for the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami that pummeled the country last month.

                Prime Minister Naoto Kan said he was moved by his conversations with victims during a recent tour of shelters.

                “I felt with renewed determination that we must do our best to get them back as soon as possible,” he told reporters.

                The government approved an …

                The Future Is Distant For Japans Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Residents

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                  While work continues to gain control over Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants scientists are discovering that even with the best laid plans the future for residents is in the distant future.

                  The plan as it is unfolding is to encase the entire plant in concrete for over 50 years to allow the radioactive material within the reactors to decay to safer levels before dismantlement of the core and containment buildings can begin. At that point …

                  Home Builders And Appraisers Battle For Housing Market Recovery

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                    The NAHB Chairman Joe Robson says that low market values due to high inventory is causing a crunch on available credit for developers. As inventories rise from foreclosed homes the market value of all homes in an area drops. It is simple supply and demand.

                    Appraisers have a duty to report actual values of homes at the time properties are evaluated. This allows lenders to set loan amounts and prevents the appraiser from being sued …

                    Industry News – GE Closes Last US Light Bulb Factory Moves To China

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                      The last US based light bulb factory was just closed by General Electric.  The factory part of the Thomas Edison legacy which has produced incandescent bulbs since 1870  closed quietly and the last 200 workers have lost their jobs without much notice.

                      Federal law will prohibit the sale of incandescent bulbs by 2014 and although the business has seen massive amounts of bailout money from the federal government the idea of retrofitting the plant to …