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How To Paint and Restore Your Rusty Lawnmower to Almost Brand New

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    Of the tools we have around the house our lawnmowers are probably one of the more expensive items but the fact is we grow dependent on them so keeping them in good working order means they last longer and work better while we have them.

    Over time no matter how well you maintain and clean the debris from the bottom of your lawnmower deck it will begin to rust. This is because even light grass blades will …

    How To Choose an Impact Wrench / Gun – Battery, Electric or Air Pneumatic

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      If you have some bolts that need tightening or loosening you basically have two choices.. you can use a large socket wrench or breaker bar to remove them manually or you can use an Impact Wrench to reduce the labor needed to complete the task.

      Now there are times and I have seen it in many shops where a bolt that needs to be tightened is inappropriately tightened with an impact wrench. I have …

      How To What you need to do before you build a Utility Trailer

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        The latest project that I got myself into is building a Utility Trailer and I am finding that there are a lot of things that you need to do and know before you get started.

        I thought I would share some tips to help other people that are thinking of building a Utility Trailer that they purchase from Harbor Freight or Northern Tools or any other kit type trailers that require assembly.

        The first thing about building …

        How to fix a no start condition on a lawnmower with no spark

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          Lawnmower gasoline engines are pretty basic setups so repairing them normally only takes a few basic tools and a little time and money.

          When you are diagnosing a small engine with a no start condition there are three basic things that can cause this:

          Air / Fuel Mixture
          Electrical or Spark

          The first two problems are the least expensive and easiest to fix. If you have a problem with low compression in the cylinder then this can …

          How To Select the Right Gloves for your Garage and Home Projects

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            Whether you are swapping out an engine or working on your brakes one of the last things we all seem to forget is putting on a pair of gloves to protect our hands. In this how to we will look at your options for hand protection for your Garage projects.

            If you are a professional your hands will come into contact with a lot of dangerous chemicals over a long period of time. Where a weekend …

            How To – Do you really need to use the guard on your table saw?

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              After many conversations with professionals and hardcore hobbyists this subject is one of the most common conversations in a woodworking shop.

              Anyone that has been professionally trained either in a large business setting or a trade school will tell you that safety measures are often the only thing that have your back when you are at work every day.

              If you are actually working in a production shop some of these standards may lax and you have …

              How To – Troubleshooting Lawnmower Starting and Performance Problems

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                Small Engines found in Lawnmowers normally work well for many years. If you have a problem with your lawnmower starting or operating to the best of its ability it is normally a small adjustment that needs to be made rather then a replacement.

                One of the main ways that you can tell if your engine is still worth saving is if it smokes a lot of gray smoke through its exhaust. Gray smoke normally points to a problem with the piston …

                How To – Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade

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                  The easiest way to tell if your lawn mower blade needs sharpening is to look at the ends of the blades of grass on your lawn. If the edges seem torn and jagged and they show white or brown tips then you know the blade needs sharpening.

                  Sharpening your lawnmower blade isn’t that difficult to do but you can also take your blade off and get it sharpened at a repair center or bring your …

                  How To – Replacing The Drive Belt On Your Push Assist Lawnmower

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                    If your lawn is too small to justify a riding lawn mower but too large to use a manual push mower then your best option is a Push Assist Lawnmower that will help you get around your yard without the need to push a heavy mower.

                    When they work right a Push Assist Lawnmower will carry all the weight of the mower and a full bag of clippings or leaves. All you need to do …

                    How To – Garden Tillers and Buying vs Renting

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                      Depending on the size of your garden the amount of time it takes to prepare your soil for this years crops can take a few hours or a few days.  Lets face it although we love our gardens as we get older we neither have the time or strength necessary to do it all by hand. At some point the cost of a $2 bag of frozen vegetables looks much more attractive then maintaining …