How To – Painting Sandblasted Or Deteriorated Brick Walls

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    Both for esthetic and property value reasons painting a brick wall is the very last thing that you ever want to consider. When you apply paint to a brick surface it is almost always impossible to remove without destroying the face of the brick that protects it from water damage. However there are times when you really have no other choice but to paint your brick wall to provide protection and extend its life.
    Preparing …

    How To – Exterior Insulation Considerations & Methods

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      In the past few years there has been a movement in the remodeling industry to add insulation to the exterior of buildings when new siding is being applied. Here we will look at the advantage of this process and drawbacks that come with it. It is important to weigh the good and the bad when implementing any new technology.

      The process is relatively simple as far as the installation of the foam board insulation goes.

      First …

      Sealing your house with Tyvek

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        Sealing the house with Tyvek

        Tyvek House Wrap is a pretty expensive product but because it comes in larger sizes it is many times easier to install then tar paper and will give your home a lasting base for keeping out the weather and wind.

        To apply Tyvek you need to wrap the entire home. This is pretty easy to do if you follow a few simple suggestions.

        Tyvek is very slippery so never rest the top of your ladder on the Tyvek that …

        Siding Manufacturers

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          Advanced Rock Technologies
          879 Brickyard Cr, Unit B9
          Golden, CO 80403
          V: 303-278-9913

          ALSCO Metals Corporation
          3100 Poplarwood Ct
          Raleigh, NC 27604
          V: 919-376-8222
          Metal Trim Parts

          Benjamin Obdyke
          400 Babylon Road
          Suite A
          Horsham, PA 19044-1232
          V: 215-672-7200
          Flashing, Vents

          Coronado Stone Products
          11191 Calabash Ave.
          Fontana, CA 92337
          V: 951-453-2811
          Manufactured Stone and Brick Products

          32207 United Ave.
          Pueblo, CO 81001-4819
          V: 719-948-4554
          architectural cast stone

          Stuc-O-Flex Int’l Inc
          17639 N.E. 67th Ct.
          Redmond, WA 98052-4944
          V: 425-885-5085

          Lifts, Ladders, & Scaffolding Manufacturers

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            Lifts, Ladders, & Scaffolding

            Alum-A-Pole Corporation
            1011 Capouse Ave.
            Scranton, PA 18509-2928
            V: 800-421-2586

            National Wheel-O-Vator
            509 West Front St.
            Roanoke, IL 61561-0348
            V: 309-923-7803

            Waupaca Elevator Company
            1726 N. Ballard Road
            Appleton, WI 54911-2444
            V: 800-238-8739

            Installing Vinyl Siding

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              One of the fastest ways to update the exterior of a home is to install vinyl siding. Although the steps to perform the task are simple you will need both basic building skills and a limited fear of heights. Have you ever walked on the roof of your home or cleaned your gutters well that’s about as high on a ladder as you will get.

              If you think you …