Saving Money

April 2011 Gas Prices Average $3.80 LA Sees $5.25 A Gallon

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    The Memorial Day surge hasn’t even arrived and gasoline prices are nearing $4.00 a gallon with average weekly increases of about 7 cents a gallon.

    Although many people say that America has lower costs for gasoline and diesel areas such as European countries specifically England where they are paying $8.20 a gallon have a 60% or higher fee on gasoline that is used for a variety of government programs. With a 60% tax England drivers …

    How To – Using Bleach As A Household Disinfectant

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      The next time that you are at the store and are looking for a bottle of disinfectant to clean bathroom, kitchen and other surfaces in your home you should take a closer look at what is really in the ingredients.

      Surprisingly you are likely to find that along with some possible soaps and fragrances the main active ingredient in most disinfectants is Bleach or chemically known as Sodium Hypochlorite.

      You will also find a listing showing …

      How To – Adjusting Your Ceiling Fan To Keep Warm In The Winter

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        Ceiling fans are a part of many home cooling systems. In the spring, summer and fall they can provide additional cooling and reduce the need to use air conditioning systems. They can also be used in the winter months to force hot air down from your ceilings and provide better circulation of heated air throughout your home.

        The use of ceiling fans to improve the flow of warm air must be tested and you may …

        How To – Save Money And Prewash New Jeans Yourself

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          How many times have you gone into a store to purchase a new pair of jeans and been amazed at the prices. The least costly ones usually start at about $8 and are unprocessed denim that is hard as a piece of cardboard and also not as attractive but as you go up in price you have to wonder if some of these companies are buying jeans out of the garbage and reselling them.

          If …

          How To – Repairing An Old Pair Of Shoes

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            Did you ever have an old pair of favorite shoes that have been beaten up so bad but you continue wearing them around the house to do work? Well this pair of sneakers use to be great. They have steel toes so they are safe to wear when doing projects but the seams have started to become detached at the sole.

            Sitting around with not a lot to do on a weekend I started cleaning …

            How To – Making Electric Solar Panels Can It Be Done?

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              I like many out there look for ways to reduce my monthly utility bills and alternative energy has been an interest to me since the 1970’s when I first saw a home with panels and asked what they were for.

              Recently … I would say in the last 6 months I have been coming across articles on large websites not independent ones claiming that the average person who is handy can build their own solar …

              How To – Growing Your Own Mushrooms – Shiitake Portabella Oyster

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                Kitchen & Housewares : Shiitake Mushroom Growing PlugsMushrooms are now playing a larger part in our diets but the cost of buying some of our favorite varieties means they are often served at special meals or not as often as we may want.

                If you have parents old enough you may have heard stories about their going to the woods and gathering wild mushrooms but unless you have a decent amount of skill and training this …