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How To – Water Heater Timers Can Reduce Electric Costs 15%

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    Lets face it everything costs more then it did a few years ago and electric bills are just another monthly cost that will never go away (unless you go solar).  So, reducing consumption is your best bet and wasted use is something you never want happening in your home.

    Although water heaters are highly insulated and you can improve its efficiency with the use of Heat Traps and external insulation blankets your heater is running …

    How To – Testing to determine if you need a Low Flow Shower Head

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      Saving money is one of the most important things in your home and the amount of water you use for baths and showers may be putting a dent in your pocket.

      If you are moving into a new home or apartment your bathroom probably came with one of the least expensive fixtures available just to provide a working shower. Although this is sufficient to get the job done it may mean that you are not …

      How To – Installing Water Heater Heat Traps to Save Money

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        Heating water in your home is a year round necessity but most people don’t realize that like a leaky door or window jam loses you heat the pipes connected to your water heater can be sucking money out of your pocket.

        Anytime there is a heated and unheated substance whether it be air, liquid or a solid next to each other the heat will transfer to the cold item. In our attics and walls we …

        How To – Reclaiming Old Furniture with a Distressed Black Lacquer Finish

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          Black lacquer finishes on contemporary furniture designs never really seem to go out of style and the reason for this is that many of the design features harken back to centuries old Japanese styles and finishes.

          Black Lacquer finish on high quality furniture is a time consuming process that can take weeks to complete. First the furniture is sanded as perfectly flat as possible then layer after layer of lacquer is applied, allowed to dry …

          How To – One Hour Home Energy Audit Checklist

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            This quick checklist will let you evaluate many of the worst energy wasting culprits in your home.

            It is not to be considered a be all end all survey of your home but it may point out areas that need some attention.

            For a full energy audit you may be able to contact your local electric company for free or low cost evaluation of your home. If you do ask someone in to inspect your home …

            How To – Compact Florescent Bulbs Quick Use Guide

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              Here are some tips to using CFL Bulbs in your home.
              Can I use a a CFL Bulb in Fixtures with Dimmer Switches?
              Yes you can. But you need to purchase CFL Bulbs that are specifically designed to be dimmed. Not all bulbs can be dimmed.
              Can I use a CFL Bulb in my lamp with a 3 Way Adjustment?
              Yes you can use standard CFL Bulbs in your 3way lamp and have one level of brightness on …

              How To – Understanding The Differences in Bathroom Remodeling Estimates

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                One of the most popular home remodeling projects is a makeover of your bathroom however not all of us are up to doing all or any of the work ourselves. If you will need to hire a contractor to perform some or all of the work then we have some guides that will let you understand whether or not you are getting a fair deal with no hidden costs that can make your lowest …

                Five Dollar a Gallon Gas by Early Summer 2012 Are you Ready?

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                  Market Analysts are predicting that Gasoline prices will reach a national average over $5 per gallon for regular unleaded in early to midsummer of 2012.

                  The prices are being calculated using past numbers for increases due to changes in fuel blends required by the Federal Government that normally force increases due to shortages during the winter summer blend change over at the same time people begin to drive more in better …

                  How To – Purchasing Salvaged Building Materials For Your Projects

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                    Saving money should be part of any good project and there are a number of ways that you can save by using Salvaged building materials.

                    Salvaged materials come in two groups. First and the best bet for your money is when you can find new materials that were never actually installed.  The second offering is when you reclaim used materials from homes that are older and either being demolished or remodeled.

                    Before considering any salvaged materials …

                    How To – Saving Money On That Summer Trip

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                      Vacations are usually a time where you get a little less restrictive on how you spend your money. You are likely to eat out more often and buy things that have absolutely no use as a memento of the great time you had.

                      At the end of all the fun is often a big bill and if you don’t plan well before your big trip you may find the next few months are filled with …