How To – Fixing A Leaking Bathtub Or Shower Faucet

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    Repairing leaky faucets can be done by a home owner with only a few simple tools and some replacement parts.  The parts you need will depend on the type of faucet you have and which part of your valve assembly is giving you a problem.

    First you should check where the leak is coming from.

    Is the water passing through the faucet or is it leaking from the handle.

    If the water is flowing through the spout …

    Buying Guide – Sink Addons – Purchasing Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

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      There are a number of products that you can add to your sink-top to provide better livability.

      Here we will examine the different types of hot and cold water dispensers that can make your life easier.

      Lets look at some of the features you should look for when making your purchase.
      Hot Water Dispensers
      The most common addon for your sink is a hot water dispenser.

      Mounted alongside your sink they can …

      Buying Guide – Picking The Best Water Heater For Your Home

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        In this Buying Guide we will try to cover many of the different options to make your decision an easy one.

        There are many different types, sizes and fuel sources that you can use for your homes water heating needs. The decisions you make on which type of heater is right for you will be based on Cost, Ease of install and long term benefits.

        Since most people will be replacing and not installing a new …

        Buying Guide – Toilets Features And Design Decisions

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          There are many different design options when selecting the best model toilet for your bathroom.

          Considerations include the size of your family and use but also cost and ease of repair.

          Here we will cover some of the basic options and some special ones to make your next purchase the right one.

          Bowl Shape

          The shape of your toilets bowl will have a lot to do with comfort and use. There …

          Buying Guide – Whirlpool Tubs Types And Options

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            Whirlpool Tubs come in many different types to meet your needs.

            Size and features are your main considerations but we will also cover costs, install and servicing considerations that you should think about before you make your purchase.

            Even in the past few years there have been a number of improvements to the way whirlpool tubs work. Up until about 1990 if you asked for anything other then a standard soaking tub the designer would point …

            How To – Pipe Insulation Save Money Better Comfort

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              Whether its been a long cold day and you need just need a hot shower to relax or if you just hate waiting for the water to run hot in your faucets there is a simple inexpensive way to reduce water and fuel use for heating hot water and improve the quality of your services.

              Insulating Hot Water lines has been a necessity for a long time in homes that have an unheated crawl space …

              How To – Connecting Cast Iron And PVC Waste Line

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                Whether you are replacing damaged pipe in your home or you want to make use of Cast Iron and PVC pipe to reduce noise there will come a time when you need to join both materials.

                Only a few years ago this would have meant using a special PVC pipe and lead to seal the joint but today there are less toxic materials and methods that you can use to create a tight and dependable …

                How To – Save Money By Reducing Hot Water Use

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                  Saving money is a priority for everyone but when it comes to long showers or nice hot baths people sometimes have a hard time giving up comforts that ease the pains of long work days.

                  There is nothing wrong with relaxing after a hard day with a warm shower but reducing stress can also be found by lowering your water and heating bills. If just one of your faucets …

                  Anti Scalding Faucets And Shower Heads

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                    Most accidents happen in the home and when we can it is important to remember safety. Many Faucets and Showers now have valves that will sense the temperature of the water flowing through the valve and make adjustments to limit the upper heat range.

                    These devices are should be thought of as manditory for childrens bathrooms but even mom and dad don’t want to step into a shower so …

                    How To – Solar Water Heating

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                      Energy requirements for Hot water can account for 20% of an average homes fuel use but with Solar Hot Water Heating you can reduce or eliminate that cost from your budget. The average home even in northern areas can expect to reduce their heating costs by 50% or more with average paybacks within 15 years.

                      The only downsides of Solar Water Heating is the initial expense. However there are a number …