HowTo – Repairing Rot On A Decorative Porch Post

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    Any piece of wood exposed to the elements will eventually rot. It doesn’t matter if it is white pine or pressure treated and paints and stains will only delay the eventual decay.

    If the item is relatively inexpensive you can just replace it but in this case the decorative post found outside our front door is starting to see problems. These posts can cost a good amount of money …

    How To – Garage Floor Paint

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      If you have a garage that you park a vehicle in or use as a project work area then you probably keep wishing the floor looked a little better. Well with a few gallons of Epoxy Paint and a weekend your floor can look better then new.

      To prepare the garage for painting the first thing you need to do is remove everything. If you can’t get everything out …

      How To – Picking The Right Paint Brush

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        There are as many different types of paint brushes as there are things to paint and within each type there are different grades, fibers and products that distinguish a good brush from a bad one.

        Along with painting there are other uses for brushes like applying paint strippers, degreasers or solvents and cleaning tools.

        First lets look at how the type of fibers and their coarseness are related to the work you are …

        How To – Paint Strippers

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          Paint stripper can be used for a number of projects whether you are removing paint from brick, refinishing an old table or repainting a classic car there are times when using a liquid stripper is both faster and more effective then sandpaper or other mechanical methods of paint removal.
          Because there are so many different types of coatings from varnish to urethane paint there are different formulations and methods …

          How To – Paint Tool Cleanup and Care

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            Whether you are painting your whole house or just doing some touch-ups it is important to take care of your painting tools so they will provide you with years of use.

            The most important thing and the easiest to understand when caring for any tool is that you never put your tools away dirty. The reason for this is that you never know when you will get back to …

            How To – Tub And Fixture Rust Repair

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              After years of use steel and cast iron tubs and sinks may begin to discolor or rust but this doesn’t mean that they need to be totally replaced. 

              Often stains that come metals in our water can be cleaned and prevented. And sometimes those rust stains may come from a faucet that is beginning to rust. By adding a whole house filter you can reduce stains from magnesium and …

              How To – Compounding A Fresh Paint Job – Automotive

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                After you have applied your final coat of clear you will more then likely have some imperfections in your paint that need to be removed. If you were diligent with your preparation then that dust or hair should be located only in the top clear coat of your paint and can be removed by sanding and compounding.

                If you find that you missed a run or dirt in the primer or …

                Understanding Automotive Sandpaper

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                  Automotive sandpaper comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and grits to be used for specific applications in the refinishing process. Actually Automotive grade sandpaper is completely different then what you might be use to in wood working. Wood workers or general purpose sand paper may actually be made of sand particles that are roughly graded into course medium and fine ratings. The abrasive particles on automotive sandpaper …

                  Professional Grade Paint Guns For Automotive Painting

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                    There are a number of different manufacturers and models of Paint Guns so how do you pick the right one when you want a professional finish on your vehicle.

                    Well today there are 2 basic types HVLP and Standard Flow. For the most part HVLP models have taken over the market due to restrictions placed on professional painters.

                    HVLP High Volume Low Pressure guns are used to reduce over spray …

                    Sandblasting Metal – To Remove Rust or Paint

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                      Lets start off and say sandblasting is a messy job. It can also be somewhat dangerous so when you attempt to remove rust or paint from metal you need to take some precautions.

                      In this HowTo we will show you how to use a handheld sandblaster to remove rust from some tree climbing bucks. The same principles would …