How To – Creating Marbling Paint Textures

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    When creating special texture effects in your home for accent walls or decoration you may want to try a marblized effect.

    Marbling is a technique where different colors of paint are layered in a pattern to break up a solid color.

    You can get as creative as you want designing an abstract pattern or one that simulates the colors and textures found in natural marble

    How To – Preparing Your Walls For Paint

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      If you are planning to paint a room in your house you should take time to prepare the walls for paint. Even if you don’t have nail pops or holes there are things you should do before applying that coat of primer or another top coat.

      Cleaning your walls is a must for every paint job and doing so will allow you to inspect your walls for any imperfections that need to be fixed.

      If your …

      How To – Sanding Drywall For Final Paint Application

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        After you have completed repairing or installing your drywall you will need to sand and prepare the drywall compound used for taping joints and filling nail or screw heads.

        Sanding is only for the final prep of the wall and for the most part won’t be needed while making repairs.

        First start by working your way around the entire room with a drywall pallet knife knocking down any big bumps. Hold the knife at a tight …

        How To – Dealing With Damaged And Ugly Popcorn Ceilings

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          Popcorn ceilings are a fad that have seen their day unfortunately once they are installed they tend to stay around longer then basements full of 1960’s wood paneling.

          There are two reasons designers or home owners install popcorn ceilings.

          The first is to reduce repair major problems.

          If a home owner or remodeler is confronted with a ceiling that has a heavy damage then they have the choice of replacing the drywall,  making spot repairs which will …

          How To – Painting Sandblasted Or Deteriorated Brick Walls

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            Both for esthetic and property value reasons painting a brick wall is the very last thing that you ever want to consider. When you apply paint to a brick surface it is almost always impossible to remove without destroying the face of the brick that protects it from water damage. However there are times when you really have no other choice but to paint your brick wall to provide protection and extend its life.
            Preparing …

            How To – Mixing Automotive Paint

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              Whether you are doing a touch-up or a full paint job following the correct methods of mixing your paint will provide accurate repeatable results and a finish you can be proud of.

              The main difference between professional paints and the type you get out of a spraycan or touch-up bottle is that it needs to be mixed.

              Each paint type and manufacturer selection will have different requirements so it is very important that you get specific …

              How To – Painting Trim Without Painting The Carpet

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                Painting your rooms a different color is hard work but once you have the walls completed a bad job on your trim will make all your work look unprofessional.

                There are two main ways to handle the painting of moldings, trim, windows and other items.

                Paint Before Applying
                If you are installing new moldings you can apply the paint before you attach them to your walls and then do light touchups over the nail holes. This is …

                Paint Products – Manufacturers Guide

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                  When painting your projects you always want to use professional grade products.  Skimping on the finish after weeks of hard work is always a bad idea.

                  The following list of manufacturers may not provide direct sales so look for a distributor in your local area.

                  This list will be updated as needed. Also see our Directory.

                  Kirker Automotive Finishes – Provides a specialty line of paints at discount prices. Pre-selected factory fleet line is wide enough to provide a good section along …

                  How To – Staining Red Cedar And Redwood Siding

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                    Redwood and Red Cedar Siding and Shakes are a great way to sheath the exterior of your home. These natural wood products can last for decades if installedand caredfor properly. One of the most important parts is applying your primer and stain correctly. Although Stain is a preferred coating you can also use paint. Latex paints have improved to the point that they can provide a very close life expectancy …

                    How To – Food Safe Wood Finishes

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                      Many of the products in our home are made of wood but unlike furniture our wood utensils, counter tops, bowls and other items need special care. Not only will foods stain and constant use and washing deteriorate finishes but bacteria is also a major concern when using any porous surface in the kitchen.

                      It should be noted that all surfaces whether wood, plastic or other can harbor mold bacteria. …