How To – Understanding Automotive Paint Choices

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    There are a variety of different types of paints used on vehicles today and the choices are as wide as their price range. Lets take a look at some of the paint choices you have when you want to perform an overall or repair paint job.

    First we should understand that some paints are called single stage. This group is usually limited to enamels and urethanes where a single can …

    How To – Painting Laminate Countertop

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      In a recent conversation with a friend they told me of a laminate countertop that they were unhappy with due to discoloration over many years. Although the countertop was in relatively decent physical condition it seems stains, scuffs and scratches were making the countertop look unappealing. They then asked my opinion on painting the countertop and told me of a few websites that had suggested painting could restore the countertop to new condition.

      After hearing …

      How To – Automotive Paint Care – Compound Polish Wax

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        Understanding a little bit about your car’s paint and the products that you put on it will go a long way in protecting your investment.

        This HowTo will cover some of the methods to restore and improve older paint. If you are working on fresh paint see our other HowTo for additional information.

        It seems that every year  some company comes out with a new product that is suppose to …

        Types of Caulk and how to use them

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          Although some people think that a roll of Duct Tape and a Tube of Caulk is all that is needed to repair most things around the home there are a variety of different caulks that can be used for hundreds of different projects. Selecting the right one for the job is as important as deciding to use it at all so lets go over some of the different types of Caulk and when and where they are best used.

          Acrylic Latex Caulkis …

          Buying Guide – Pressure Washers And Attachments

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            There are a number of projects around your home where a small or even large sized pressure washer can be a real help or for all practical reasons required. This buying guide will cover some of the different sizes of pressure washers and some of the attachments that can be used for your projects.
            What size is right for you?
            You should purchase a pressure washer that meets 70% of your job tasks with ease and …

            How To – Refinish And Stain Outdoor Wood Bench

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              In this HowTo we will cover the basic steps of restaining an outside bench that has had its finish ruined by the elements.

              There are 4 pages to this HowTo

              To perform the work you will need.

              Electric Sander
              1 Pack of assorted Sandpaper
              Paint Scraper
              Good Quality Nylon Brush
              Brush Cleaner
              Small Can Of Wood Stain
              Small Can Of Urethane Sealer
              Spray Can of Flat Black Paint
              Masking Tape
              Old News Paper
              Plastic Tarp

              Cost for restoring this bench will be …

              How To – Painting A Steel Door Exterior Door

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                Steel Exterior Doors are used on many homes for Fire protection on doorways connected to a built in garage and also exit doors.

                Steel Doors can come in a simple flat face or can be detailed to resemble wood doors with set in panels and some may even have a simulated grain texture.

                The great benefit of Steel is that the door will expand and contract very evenly and this is important when your door gets …

                How To – Repairing Fiberglass Gel Coat Cracks In Bathtubs, Boats, Cars

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                  Whether you are getting ready to fix your bathtub, boat, Truck Cap or other Fiberglass item that has seen some abuse you are probably going to need to replace its outer gel coat in the process.

                  Many fiberglass parts are made in a mold and to produce a quality smooth surface the technician will coat the mold with a gel coat and then apply fiberglass over it on the inside of the part.

                  This is the …

                  How To – Picking The Right Interior Room Paint

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                    Picking the right color for your home’s interior is no joking matter. Although painting the average size room can cost as little as $100 to $300 the choice you make will have a lot to do with how you feel in your surroundings.

                    Color Science has become a technical trade used in many different design related fields. Car manufacturers take months and years of research to develop as few as 10 colors that will attract …

                    How To – Repairing A Rotted Exterior Door Jam Molding

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                      All wood products will eventually decay and in this howto we will cover how you can repair a rotted door jam and molding.

                      The first thing you have to do is find the problem. When decay sets in on painted surfaces you will often find that the piece will look relatively ok from the outside but because the non-painted surfaces may have absorbed water over months and years the damage is likely to happen from …