Steel Beams in Commercial Construction

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    framing with steel beamsHere we will take a quick look at how steel beams can be used in commercial construction to extend the span between the outside walls of a building.

    Commercial Construction is often very different then residential construction.

    First many of the loads are different since the buildings are often taller and larger.

    For the most part the safety aspects of construction are the same …

    Sandblasting Metal – To Remove Rust or Paint

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      Lets start off and say sandblasting is a messy job. It can also be somewhat dangerous so when you attempt to remove rust or paint from metal you need to take some precautions.

      In this HowTo we will show you how to use a handheld sandblaster to remove rust from some tree climbing bucks. The same principles would …

      Shop For Products by Manufacturer

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        This List of Manufacturers is only a sample of the hundreds of companies that we carry in our online store. We are also happy to announce that we carry Factory Reconditioned and Remanufactured tools at huge discounts.

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        2×4 Basics

        Choosing an Air Compressor

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          Choosing an air compressor is not black art but often you can get lost in the features when making a choice. We will try to cover some of the important choices that you have and give you a better understanding of what an air compressor really does.

          The most important thing when deciding which compressor is right for you is finding out if it will meet the minimum requirements of …

          Installing Your Homes Electric Service

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            Installing your Electric Service is not the most complex part of building a home or even wiring your homes electrical circuits but it must be done with extreme care because the risk for electrocution is pretty good.

            I say this because unlike the wiring inside your home there is no circuit breaker to limit the amount of electricity that can be passed through the service line. Any part prior to the …

            Book – Black Decker Complete Guide to Home Plumbing

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              Black Decker complete guide to home plumbingBlack Decker Complete Guide to Home Plumbing is another coffee table book from their howto series.

              It seems that more and more of the howto books that large manufacturers provide are not really for the professional but for people that like to watch professionals.

              The information in this Guide is not Complete as the title says but …

              Book – Stanley Complete Projects Made Easy

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                Book Description:
                Detailed photos and easy-to-follow presentation for tiling floors, walls, countertops, and showers guide novices and experts.

                Two-tiered design offers instruction for common tiling situations plus additional information for unusual circumstances.

                Comprehensive guide covers basic and advanced tile techniques to plan patterns, measure and cut tiles, seal finished surfaces, and repair broken tile.

                Prestart Checklists detail the tools, materials, skills, and time needed to complete each job.

                Stanley Pro Tips offer …

                Book – Black & Decker Complete Guide to Home Wiring

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                  Book B&D Guide to Home WiringAt first glance this is a really great book for your coffee table or as an introduction to electrical services.

                  With over 300 pages Black & Decker tries to cover most areas in the home that a do-it-yourself or just someone that might want to educate themselves in the basics of wiring.

                  The images and cross-sections are great for …

                  Types of Insulation for Residential Construction

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                    There are a variety of insulation types that can be used around your home and selecting the right one for the job you are working on can be a little confusing.

                    For most jobs you will probably want to stick with fiberglass insulation. Whether in batt form or loose fill it gives a decent R-Value per square inch and with proper precautions working with it can be quick, easy and clean.

                    This does not mean that fiberglass should be the only choice …

                    Insulation Guides for Energy Savings

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                      Your homes insulation works both in the winter and the summer so the amount and type of insulation that you have will make a huge impact on the livability of your home year round. Unfortunately once a home is built it can be difficult to add insulation to the walls but because heat rises and the sun impacts your homes roof increasing attic heat in the summer a large benefit can be seen by increasing the amount of insulation in your attic.

                      Attic insulation can …