Rose Pruning

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    Proper pruning of plants is something that all gardeners should learn.

    For many plants like roses pruning is necessary to improve the growth and flowering of the plant.

    Prune your roses in late winter – early spring to promote the next seasons growth.

    Summer pruning should be done to remove diseased or damaged stems or for harvesting flowers.

    You should also deadhead the flower buds once they have died.

    Always make clean sharp cuts …

    Planting Peppers and Potted Plants

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      Planting Vegetables in your garden is really easy to do and will give you months of enjoyment and food. 

      All vegetables are started by seed but as a home gardener you can take advantage of potted plants to reduce your germination and grow time.  Plants are available in early spring right after the last frost. Most Home Stores and Garden Centers carry a good selection but you can also purchase …

      Range Hoods – Selection and Cleaning

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        There are three basic types of range hoods available for residential kitchens. Each type has its own advantages and features but whatever model you pick there are three main reasons you should get one.

        The first is Fire Protection- A range hood made out of stainless steel or enameled steel will act as a buffer in case of grease or other fires on your stove. Since most cabinets are made out of …

        Gas and Electric Cooktops – Selection and Care

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          Your Stove is one of the most important parts of your kitchen and it should get proper care to last a long time.

          There are three different types of stove tops that we will cover.

          Electric with exposed elements
          Gas with exposed elements
          and Electric with Glass Surface

          Each type has its own specific features and different methods of maintenance.

          Electric Stoves with …

          Disinfecting Refrigerators and Countertops

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            Regular cleaning of your counter tops, cutting boards and refrigerator is necessary to reduce dangerous bacteria buildup in your kitchen. Bacteria can often be unseen and odorless so just because the surface looks visibly clean of dirt does not mean it is safe.

            To disinfect kitchen surfaces we need to use a bleach solution.

            Prepare the solution by adding 1 cup of household bleach to a gallon of water and then …

            Cleaning and Polishing Aluminum

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              Aluminum is one of the most common metals found in our homes. It is in our kitchen pots and pans it is also used in our cars for wheels and window frames and door jams. Other uses of aluminum include paint pigments, electrical wires and components, castings for camera bodies, siding for home exteriors, car engines, and any place where light and durable metal parts are needed.

              Aluminum does not rust like Iron or Steel but it does oxidize and discolor.

              It can …

              Removing Stains from Carpet or Furniture

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                It dosen’t matter how careful everyone tries to be… the fact is there will always be accidents but a few simple tricks should let you keep your sanity.

                The most important thing is catching the stain as soon as you can.

                1) Blot the area with a dry towel as soon as you can to remove the largest volume of the spill. 

                2) Once you have removed as much of the wine or other liquid …

                Flooring and Asbestos what to look for

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                  Many older floor materials contained asbestos as a strengthener. It was used in a similar way that glass fibers are used in Fiberglass but unfortunately we have later found that asbestos can cause serious health problems.

                  For remodelers there seems to be no field test that we can use to findout if the tile we are removing has Asbestos in it so regulations usualy assume that all flooring that could contain it should be handled in a way as asbestos made products.

                  Friable …

                  Removing Tile Adheasive from Wood Floors

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                    Too often people will try to cover up or quick fix a wood floor problem by sticking asphalt or adhesives backed tiles down.  When the house is sold the headache of removing the cheap tile job and repairing the wood floor is handed to the new owner.

                    To restore the floors finish you first have to remove the tiles. There is no easy way to do this other then a mixture of different scrapers and puddy knives.  While removing the tile …

                    Air Cleaners and Purifiers Home and Personal

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                      There are a variety of air cleaning systems that can help you make the air you breath cleaner and healthier.  When used in conjunction with green home building methods humidifiers, dehumidifiers and heating and cooling systems you can dramatically improve your living area and your health.

                      So, lets take a look at some of the appliances and products you can use to clean your air.

                      If your home has a forced …