HowTo Deal with Mold in your Home

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    Mold is one of the more common problems in homes today but actually people are routinely exposed to more than 200 species of fungi every day.

    The terms “mold” and “mildew” are nontechnical names commonly used to refer to any fungus that is growing in our home. Mold colonies may appear cottony, velvety, granular, or leathery, and may be white, gray, black, brown, yellow, greenish, or other colors.

    Many molds or fungi reproduce by dispersion of …

    Sears Agrees to Refit all Ranges with Anti-Tip Bracket

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      In a class action lawsuit Sears one of America’s Largest retailers and on of the largest installers of home appliances has agreed to retrofit or install Anti-Tip brackets on their free standing ranges.

      The device is a small bracket that attaches to the floor under your range. When the Range is pushed back towards the wall the back foot of the range enters into the clip and secures it.

      This is a very simple install but …

      Installing Decorative Brick and Stone Pavers

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        Hardscaping is the term given to items in your yard that are not plant based and Brick Pavers are one of the easiest ways to improve your outdoor living space.

        Many people will use them just for a pathway from their driveway to the front door or maybe as a path to their mailbox but you can also use pavers to create a patio or greeting area near your front door.

        Brick Pavers come …

        Directory of State Pesticide Information

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          This information constantly changes as outside websites update their information.

          If you have an emergency ALWAYS Call 911 or the appropriate Emergency Hot-line in your area.

          Also Read the label on the Chemical and it should list Emergency Information about how to treat people that have come in contact with the product until trained emergency help can arrive. 


          Department of Agriculture
          Division of Plant Protection and Pesticides
          PO BOX 3336
          Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
          (334) 240-7171


          Alaska Department of Environmental …

          Growing Plants from Seed

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            There are a variety of Annual plants that are easy to grow from seeds.

            The two biggest advantages from growing your annuals from seed are enjoying the full life cycle of the plant and saving money.

            If you are new to gardening you may want to start with seed packets. Most plant types available in seed are hybridized plants and will grow quickly and produce great flowers and large fruits. Once you aquire the basic …

            Repairing a lose board on your deck

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              Sometimes when you build with pressure treated lumber it will shrink more then expected this is the problem with one of or deck boards. Although replacing the whole piece is an option once you have stained your deck a few times and it has weathered for a season installing a fresh board will mean a mismatch in color.

              If you are using an opaque stain that will completely block the grain in the wood this is fine …

              What to look for in a Basic Drafting Software Package

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                In 1984 I got my first taste of CAD Computer Aided Drafting with AutoCad 2.something and since that time there is no way that I would go back to drawing by hand. The features that were available in that software are still pretty much the same and remain the basic tools for drafters, architects and engineers.

                Today’s CAD Drafting Software can provide the user with a variety of internal and add-on features. Everything from 3D rendering of your project with animated …

                Using Mulch in your Garden

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                  There are many types of mulch that you can use in your garden and just as many reasons to use it.
                  Most people like the way mulch looks in flower beds and around their small trees but the reason it is used has much more to do with garden maintenance then just its decorative appeal.

                  Here are a few reasons you may want to use mulch.

                  To reduce the amount of …

                  Directory of Governmental Resources and Offices covering Pesticides

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                    Directory of Governmental Resources and Offices covering Pesticides

                    Department of Agriculture
                    Division of Plant Protection and Pesticides
                    PO BOX 3336
                    Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
                    (334) 240-7171



                    Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
                    Environmental Health
                    500 S Alaska St
                    Palmer, AK 99645-6340
                    (907) 745-3236


                    Arizona Department of Agriculture
                    Environmental Services
                    1688 W Adams
                    Phoenix, AZ 85007
                    (800) 223-0618
                    (602) 255-3664
                    (602) 542-3579

                    Arizona Structural Pest Control
                    9545 East Double Tree Ranch Rd
                    Scottsdale, AZ 85258

           State Plant Board
                    Division of Feeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides
                    #1 Natural Resource Dr
                    PO BOX 1069
                    Little Rock, AR …

                    Understanding Perennials, Annuals and Biennials

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                      When planning your garden you can choose from a variety of different plants, bushes and trees.

                      There are 3 basic types to choose from

                      Perennials – Plants that survive for many years.

                      Bushes and trees are examples of Woody Perennials.
                      These plants will last for many years. Some like evergreens Pines or Holly bushes will keep their leaf structure year long. Others that are deciduous like Oak Trees will drop their leafs …