Anti Scalding Faucets And Shower Heads

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    Most accidents happen in the home and when we can it is important to remember safety. Many Faucets and Showers now have valves that will sense the temperature of the water flowing through the valve and make adjustments to limit the upper heat range.

    These devices are should be thought of as manditory for childrens bathrooms but even mom and dad don’t want to step into a shower so …

    How To – Compounding A Fresh Paint Job – Automotive

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      After you have applied your final coat of clear you will more then likely have some imperfections in your paint that need to be removed. If you were diligent with your preparation then that dust or hair should be located only in the top clear coat of your paint and can be removed by sanding and compounding.

      If you find that you missed a run or dirt in the primer or …

      Guide to Compact Fluorescent Lights

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        Compact Fluorescent lights can save you money and allow you to improve your lighting conditions at the same time.

        Each bulb that you replace will save you $5 or more a year on your electric bills and will basically pay for themselves in under a year. They also last much longer then regular lights … up to 10 years in some cases. The rating of $5 per bulb is based on …

        How To – Fall Home Inspection Checkup

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          Every Fall you should inspect your home and repair any problems that you will really hate taking care of once it gets cold out. Even if nothing is wrong there may be some things that you can upgrade, clean or just take care of to make to make your life a little easier.

          We will go over some of the things that you can do and suggest when you should …

          Understanding Automotive Sandpaper

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            Automotive sandpaper comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and grits to be used for specific applications in the refinishing process. Actually Automotive grade sandpaper is completely different then what you might be use to in wood working. Wood workers or general purpose sand paper may actually be made of sand particles that are roughly graded into course medium and fine ratings. The abrasive particles on automotive sandpaper …

            How To – Fall Heating System Checkup

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              Every year in the fall before you need your furnace for heating you should turn it on and make sure it is running in good working order.

              Performing an early Fall Checkup not only provides you with peace of mind that your heater will work on that first cold night but it will also improve its efficiency saving you money.

              Depending on your fuel type Gas or Oil you will want …

              How To – Air Conditioning Maintenance

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                Proper care and use of your homes air conditioner can save you money and provide better comfort.

                Most homes will have either an in window unit for serving a single room or a whole home unit that is connected to the HVAC forced air system. Both types work in similar ways although whole home units place the compressor and condenser outside the home in a small box like enclosure.

                Although …

                How To – Saving Energy For Apartment Living

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                  Unfortunately living in someone else’s building means most of the big decisions are out of your hands but there are a few things that you can do to save energy and lower your bills. Of course many of the things you can do depend on how your utilities are calculated and if they are part of your base rent. They will also depend on how your heating and cooling needs are delivered.

                  Many apartments have their own water service and water …

                  Professional Grade Paint Guns For Automotive Painting

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                    There are a number of different manufacturers and models of Paint Guns so how do you pick the right one when you want a professional finish on your vehicle.

                    Well today there are 2 basic types HVLP and Standard Flow. For the most part HVLP models have taken over the market due to restrictions placed on professional painters.

                    HVLP High Volume Low Pressure guns are used to reduce over spray …

                    How To – Solar Water Heating

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                      Energy requirements for Hot water can account for 20% of an average homes fuel use but with Solar Hot Water Heating you can reduce or eliminate that cost from your budget. The average home even in northern areas can expect to reduce their heating costs by 50% or more with average paybacks within 15 years.

                      The only downsides of Solar Water Heating is the initial expense. However there are a number …