How To Fix A Dangerous Problem of an Oil Heater and Wood Stove Sharing a Chimney

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    In this how to a friend is asking about a problem they are having with their oil heater however the problem is much worse than they really understand. The situation is that they live in a home with Oil Heat and over the past few years the cost of Oil has been astronomical. To the point that some people replace their oil heaters with gas heat if available and others end up replacing older oil …

    How To Removing Linoleum Tile From Wood

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      A friend that is remodeling their kitchen wants to remove their old linoleum flooring from wood wood floor that is under it. At that point they will make a decision if the wood floor is worth saving or if they will need to go with something else.

      Unfortunately removing old linoleum can be a difficult task because the tar based mastic that was used to attach it to the substraight many years ago is a really …

      How To Considering Building a Dog Door into Exterior Wall

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        One of our friends asks about building a dog door on an exterior wall. They live in a suburban community and have a medium sized dog. Their rear yard is fenced in and they are considering a dog door to allow the dog more freedom.

        They are asking if it is a bad idea or a really bad idea to put a dog door in an existing wall.

        Most of the time dog doors are cut into …

        How To What You Need To Know Before You Consider Van Dwelling

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          In this How To we will look at some of the things you need to know before you jump into living in a converted van. This has become a popular option for many people and it is more likely that people in your area are doing this if the rents are high but there is also a good availability of jobs.

          This is really the trade off many people choose van dwelling as a conscious decision …

          How To Pour A Concrete Slab For Your Trashcans

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            One of my final fall projects is to pour a small concrete slab for my trashcans to sit on. Until now I have been placing them in the same spot that the slab will go but once winter comes I will need something more substantial to place them on and I will also need some type of fencing to hold them in place during the harsh winter winds.

            Probably the hardest thing about this project has …

            How To Repair Cracks And Pits In Granite Countertops

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              Eventually most people will have some type of problem with their granite countertop that needs repair. A friend asks how they can fill in a small surface crack so that it looks good and is sealed. As you may or may not be able to see from the image the countertop seems to have a crack that is caused by the natural stone material not being as strong in one area and then degrading. If …

              How To How Long Should You Wait Before Staining Your New Deck?

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                If you have a pressure treated deck and you thought that it would be low maintenance then think again. Although it will last about 15 years and that is much longer than untreated wood, you can expect to be staining and treating it every other or every 3 years as long as you have it. Now if you have a roofed off porch or a gazebo the area that is protected will last much longer …

                How To Choose Between Real Wood and Wood Look Tile

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                  A friend is thinking of installing new flooring in their Living Room / Great Room and they are trying to make the choice of a wood floor which they want or a tile alternative that looks like wood.

                  They are considering the ceramic tile alternatives not the commercial grade fake rubber wood that you see in restaurants but in all reality neither product is wood and neither product is going to give them that wood floor …

                  How To Repair A Casement Window That Is Jamming

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                    Casement windows are great options for many homes because they allow you to open your window and get good ventilation however there are some problems with this design. They normally can not use screens and additionally you are dependent on a mechanical crank to open and shut the window where sliding windows don’t have this problem. On the other hand they are pretty secure and weather tight so many homes do use them.

                    A friend writes …

                    How To Use Your Existing Cable or Dish Coax For Antenna Installs

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                      If you are contemplating cutting the cord and going with an antenna and a broadband subscription for Netflix, Hulu and whatever else then one of the hardest parts is rewiring your home. In many cases homes that already have a Dish or Cable TV subscription have existing coax to each room. The quality of the install including the layout, coax type and equipment such as splitters will differ based on the age of the home …